Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Sandy Lake Tragedy

If you believe the whites, you'll then believe that the Americans were still pursuing their Indian Removal Act (the act was first initiated in 1830 by President Jackson) in 1850. President Taylor was forced by the actions of the Indian Removal Act and many of his race, to order the removal of the Anishinabek who lived east of the Mississippi river, to a location west of that mighty river. What really occurred in 1850, was a large group of Anishinabek from northern Michigan and Wisconsin, under the command of their ogimak, leaving their Michigan and Wisconsin homes, to migrate towards the west. They did so because of the warnings the Seven Fires Prophesy foretold. The Americans were fooling around with dynamite and they knew it, but they still went ahead and attempted to stop the massive migration of Anishinabe people westward. The United States was only partially capable of stopping the massive migration.

Those Anishinabek who were stopped by the military of the United States, were forced to go back to their Michigan and Wisconsin homes. Those Anishinabek who avoided capture, continued their westward migration to the Montana region, and up to Canada. Anyway, 19 bands of Anishinabek numbering probably more than 10,000, were enticed by the Seven Fires Prophesy to migrate westward and many were killed or died on the migration. The anger of those Anishinabek who had to return eastward, must have been extremely intense, but it would get far worse after they made their decision to return to their homes. Another 230 to 250 died on their return back home. In all likelihood, over 10,000 (possibly over 20,000) of Michigan and Wisconsin Anishinabe people, participated in the migration, and not only a few hundred, as white historians want you to believe. Those same white historians also want you to believe that the Anishinabek were forced by the United States, to march to Minnesota.

What led to the Anishinabe exodus from Michigan and Wisconsin? Most likely corrupt American treaties with the Anishinabe people of western Michigan and Wisconsin. In 1831, the Anishinabe Nation (the whites refer to them as Menominee) supposedly reached an agreement with the United States over boundaries and land cessions. In 1836, the Anishinabe Nation (the whites refer to them as Menominee) supposedly reached an agreement with the United States which ceded their Michigan and Wisconsin land, to the United States. In 1837, the Anishinabe Nation supposedly reached an agreement with the United States in which they supposedly ceded much of their Wisconsin land and some of their Minnesota land, to the United States. In 1842, the Anishinabe Nation supposedly ceded their remaining land in northern Wisconsin and western Michigan, to the United States.

What is so intriguing about these very suspicious treaties, is the fact that Reservations supposedly were not established until 1854. However, white historians are covering up historical events to rob the Anishinabe people of their huge Michigan and Wisconsin Reservation and their history. Out of the huge Michigan and Wisconsin Anishinabe Reservation, only the Menominee Reservation is intact. The Menominee Reservation is the only one in Wisconsin that is now closed. Though the Michigan and Wisconsin Anishinabek, tried to flee away to the west and Canada in the early 1850s, many remained and many were forced to return. They knew from prophecy that the extremely corrupted whites would eradicate their huge Michigan and Wisconsin Reservation. That occurred in 1871. Anishinabe retribution followed.

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