Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The Second Battle of Lacolle Mills March 30, 1814

This battle was fought near where present day Lacolle, Quebec is situated. A force of 4,500 white soldiers were stationed at a fort in the Lacolle region, and were obviously carrying out military raids from that region, against the nearby Anishinabek, whose military commanders once again ordered their brave soldiers to attempt to destroy the unwanted white military fortification. The battle commenced on the afternoon of March 30, 1814, when the Anishinabe military force commenced to bombarding the white military fortification with the cannons and howitzers they had captured earlier in the war. Soon after the bombing commenced, a force of white soldiers advanced upon the Anishinabe soldiers bombing their fort to attempt to capture or destroy the big guns. Their bayonet charge failed. From a couple of miles distant, other white soldiers heard the battle raging on at Lacolle then quickly marched to the besieged fort to reinforce the forts soldiers. On the Lacolle river, several white gunboats entered the battle by bombing the force of Anishinabe soldiers attacking their fortification. After putting up an extremely gallant effort to capture the fort, Anishinabe military commanders ordered their brave soldiers to end the battle then left the region. White casualties in the major battle they won, were 24 killed and 174 wounded.

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