Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The Second Battle of New York September 16, 1776

With Anishinabe soldiers still continuing their raids (actually trying their best to keep the New York City region under a siege) on the invading English around the New York City region, after the Battle of Brooklyn was fought, meant to the invading English, that they had no choice but to attempt to finally defeat the Anishibabek in the New York City region. This battle took place at what is now Manhattan (the west Harlem neighborhoods), and involved 7,000 English soldiers against several thousand Anishinabe soldiers, who were determined to defeat the invading English. The site of the major part of the battle was a buckwheat field, where the English soldiers were driven to after the Anishinabek commenced to wage war on them and dominate them by driving the large English military force up to a hill top. After about two hours of fighting there, the English were then driven to that buckwheat field where more fighting occurred and more English reinforcements arrived. Those new English reinforcements momentarily halted the English retreat from the battle, but after several more hours of battle, the English withdrew completely from the military engagement against the Anishinabek, but the English still had the Anishinabe soldiers pursuing until another new large force of English reinforcements appeared, which led to the Anishinabek ending their pursuit. The total English casualties was 520, with 120 killed and 400 wounded in the battle. I donít know what the Anishinabe casualties were during the Battle of Harlem Heights.

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