Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Second Battle of Piqua August 8, 1782

By mid 1782 the English were dominating the war up north. They were sending one military expedition to the Ohio region after another. In early August of 1782, a force of 1,050 English soldiers invaded the Ohio region. They went about destroying several villages, food supplies, and weapons of the Anishinabek. On August 8, 1782, a force of brave Anishinabe soldiers met and battled the large English military force, but were incapable of winning the battle. White casualties were 20 killed and 40 wounded. This battle occurred near present day Springfield, Ohio. The war was now frequently occurring in the domain of the Anishinabek and that greatly influenced the ogimak from the Anishinabe Confederations (up north and down south) to seriously think about negotiating with their white enemies who wanted the killing to stop. The temporary cease-fire would occur not too long after the Battle of Piqua ended.

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