Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The June 1860 Second Battle of Pyramid Lake

After American leaders learned of the massacre of the 76 white militia (they were simple civilians) at Pyramid Lake, they raised a force of regular American soldiers under the command of Captain Joseph Stewart and Colonel John C. Hays, from California. In late June of 1860, the American military force reached the region where 76 of Major Ormsby's militia and himself, were killed in the First Battle of Pyramid Lake. Their approach was learned of by the Anishinabe military ogimak who ordered their soldiers and civilians to scatter across the Nevada Great Basin, while harrasing the American military force bent on retaliation. One minor battle occurred just northeast of Pyramid Lake in which 4 Americans were killed. Historians estimate that up to 160 Indians were killed during the Second Battle of Pyramid Lake. With the Anishinabe people and the native Indians of the Nevada Great Basin being widely scattered, the Americans ended the war. They built a fort on the southern end of Pyramid Lake, after the 1860 war ended.

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