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The Apocalypse

World leaders must take action in case the anticipated Apocalypse which is the same event mentioned in the Seven Fires Prophecy, happens. Prepare your citizens for any possible catastrophes that may happen in the near future. The Apocalypse may happen in a disorderly way, which means you must be very cautious. It may happen in a series of catastrophes instead of only one. We are going to find out if the Apocalypse is another white lie. Prepare your citizens for possible catastrophes. What's this about? It's about white leaders proving to Native Americans, that they are not their brothers and sisters. Read Seven Fires Prophecy. White leaders are enraged. I recently made a video titled Parkdale: Ghetto of Great Falls, Montana. Click Here To Watch Parkdale: Ghetto of Great Falls, Montana. It has increased the hate and rage of them whites. They are in retaliation mode. This must be taken very seriously by all non whites. It tells me white leaders want the event mentioned in Seven Fires Prophecy and Revelation, to happen. Non white leaders throughout the world must take action. We have been warned not to trust whites. Them whites will be deceptive.

The Second Battle of Sackett’s Harbor May 28-29, 1813

This battle was fought near where present day Sackett’s Harbor, New York is situated. Just before the Anishinabe naval fleet landed near Sackett’s Harbor on May 28, 1813, they noticed the approach of several vessels which proved to be barges loaded with supplies intended to be dropped off at Sackett’s Harbor. Instead of launching their assault on Sackett’s Harbor, the Anishinabek instead captured 12 of the barges, including 115 sailors and the supplies the barges carried. Back at Sackett’s Harbor, the whites knew what was occurring on the surrounding lake, then commenced to fortifying their positions. In all, the white soldiers numbered 2,970 in the Sackett’s Harbor region, which sheltered two forts. Those two forts were Fort Volunteer and Fort Tompkins. On the next day (May 29, 1813) the Anishinabe soldiers launched their assault on the white settlement, while being heavily bombarded by the whites. Through the continuous bombarding, the Anishinabe soldiers somehow managed to land all of their soldiers in the Sackett’s Harbor region. They obviously had their own cannons and howitzers.

After they successfully landed they then commenced to advance upon the white soldiers who, instead of fighting, abandoned their weapons (some of their big guns) to flee. They fled to some nearby blockhouses and the recently constructed fortified positions to attempt to defend themselves from the quickly approaching Anishinabe soldiers. For quite a long time the white soldiers were capable of preventing the Anishinabe soldiers from dislodging them from their fortified positions. After fighting the whites who were hiding behind their fortified positions, Anishinabe commanders quickly grew tired of the battle neither side could manage to win, then ordered their soldiers to commence a retreat. At Fort Tompkins, the Anishinabe soldiers had earlier used their big guns to drive the white soldiers from the fort. On orders given by their commander some white soldiers commenced to destroying (probably the main reason the Anishinabe soldiers were there) large supplies of their weapons and ammunition. In the major battle the white casualties were 69 killed, 279 wounded, and 154 white soldiers captured who were either killed later on or enslaved. Overall, the Anishinabe military campaign was successful. They captured large quantities of supplies the 12 barges carried, and a few cannons of the whites.

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