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Second French and Indian War

This, the second of a series of wars between the Anishinabek and whites, known as the Second French and Indian War, occurred shortly after the start of the 17th century. In the late 16th century, the white confederation led by England, attempted to establish a colony at Roanoke, which was in North Carolina. However, a large force of soldiers from the Anishinabe military totem and their families, forced their way down from the New York region, into the Virginia and North Carolina region, with orders to attempt to destroy any new white fortifications they located there. They did as instructed after the Roanoke Colony was established in the late 1580s. They either outright killed all the white settlers, forced them into slavery, or allowed them to freely live amongst them.

After they returned to Europe to get supplies, then made the return trip back to their fortified settlement at Roanoke, the whites learned their colony had been destroyed. It did not stop the whites from trying again. The white confederation met with their Iroquois allies and formed stronger ties with them. Around 1607, the white confederation led by France, invaded the St. Lawrence River region once again and successfully established their first permanent fortified settlements in eastern Quebec. A couple of years later the white confederation led by England, successfully established their first fortified settlement at Jamestown, Virginia. And, of course, a war erupted when these events occurred. White hostorians may claim otherwise but Anishinabe soldiers were in the Jamestown region as well as Quebec, to defend Indian land. In the Virginia region, the whites were supported militarily by the many Iroquois Tribes of that region. Those Iroquois Tribes considered the Anishinabe people to be their enemy unfortunately. And it is likely large numbers of Iroquois soldiers were armed by the whites in the Virginia region just before they established their colony in Quebec, in order to send them up to the New York and Quebec region, to support the whites attempting to establish permanent settlements there. Unfortunately, it was the Iroquois Indians who helped the whites establish their first fortified permanent settlements in eastern North America. North of the Florida region that is.

Between 1607-1629, a series of military campaigns were carried out by Anishinabe soldiers against the invading whites, who fooled the Iroquois Indians into accepting that the white presence amongst them was simply for trade. Anishinabe ogimak must have grew all the more enraged with the Iroquois Indians who actively fought them, in order (to the Iroquois) to gain access to European trade items. By 1629, a series of white fortifications had been established from Quebec to probably North Carolina, which became permanent settlements as a result of the Iroquois Indians defending the invading whites, from the Anishinabe military who knew the whites were there to steal their land and exterminate them if they had the opportunity. Iroquois leaders were enticed by greed to side with the whites, which means they were motivated by the whites who encouraged them to expand their territories so they could expand the trade. White soldiers joined with Iroquois soldiers to fight the Anishinabe military which relied on the primitive weapons their ancestors used, while the Iroquois and the whites, used modern day weapons such as the cannon and gun. Since the cannons and guns were slow loading, it gave Anishinabe soldiers a good chance of winning when they battled the whites and Iroquois.

The whites had another more deadly weapon, they used on the Anishinabe people, the Iroquois, and all other Indian peoples. That was plague warfare. Early on, some Iroquois peoples joined with the Anishinabek to fight the whites and their Iroquois allies. However, most Iroquois Tribes allied with the whites in the hope that they would get wealthy from the trade. By 1629, the whites had established a firm presence in eastern North America, directly as a result of fooling the Iroquois Indians into believing that the whites were there for trade purposes only. It is hard to believe that the Iroquois Indians actually thought of the white fortified settlements as being trading posts. They did however. In 1630, the white confederation conspired with their Iroquois allies, to initiate a new far more devastating war against the Anishinabe Nation. That is the Third French and Indian War. By 1629, the Iroquois Tribes from the Virginia-North Carolina region, had invaded the New York-Pennsylvania-Quebec land of the Anishinabe people. After 1630, the Iroquois Indians and their white allies, invaded further westward into the Anishinabe land located in the Great Lakes region. They would eventually regret doing so.

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