Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The Siege of Boonesborough September 7-18, 1780

More whites were invading the Gauntlet Grounds during this time from the east, and all Anishinabe Confederations responded to the invasion. At this siege the white military force took to confining themselves in their fortified settlement of course, when a force of a little over 400 brave soldiers from the Anishinabe Confederations commenced to launch an assault on Boonesborough on September 7, 1780. For almost two weeks the enraged brave soldiers from the Anishinabe Confederations, repeatedly assaulted the strong white fortified settlement but were incapable of capturing the fortified settlement. By September 18, 1780, they had lifted the siege over Boonesborough then left the region. Indian casualties were over 40 killed and wounded. White casualties were 2 killed and 4 wounded. The whites in the south were now initiating military campaigns against the Indians in the south, as they had intended on doing all along.

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