Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The Apocalypse

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The Siege of Fort Cumberland November 22 - December 28, 1775

Though the English had bombarded the Massachusetts city of Falmouth (Portland, Maine) then retreated back to Halifax, their movements were known of by the Indians. New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, obviously still had an Indian population who were Anishinabe, and after the English bombardment of Falmouth occurred, the Anishinabek of that region probably focused their military plans on reaching the English located at both New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, to combat them in order to silence their guns. It is very likely the Anishinabek controlled most of eastern Canada, excepting Nova Scotia of course, and certain large French cities. Anyway, Fort Cumberland was located near Sackville, New Brunswick and was first assaulted by the Anishinabe soldiers on November 22, 1775. At first the Indian assault against the English went good, but the stubborn English in their fortification, did not dare leave the protection of their fort, and that obviously greatly upset the Anishinabek. On December 13, 1775 the Indians attacked the English fort in full force (about 500 Anishinabe soldiers participated in the siege at Fort Cumberland), but were driven off by English artillery fire. The brave Anishinabe soldiers again attacked the English fort on December 22 and December 23, but both assaults failed. By December 28, 1775 new English reinforcements arrived just off coast. This battle was an English victory. The casualties for both sides are unknown.

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