Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The Siege of Fort Laurens February 22 - March 20, 1779

In 1778, the English went on the offensive against the Anishinabek of the eastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania region. As part of their military plans they built Fort Laurens in 1778 for the purpose of storing supplies of weapons and ammunition, in order to launch military campaigns in the Ohio region. Fort Laurens was located in eastern Ohio, not too far from the Pennsylvania border. On February 22, 1777, a force of several hundred brave Anishinabe soldiers reached the Fort Laurens region then commenced to launch an assault on the white fortified settlement. In the white fort the white soldiers were low in supplies of food, weapons, and ammunition, and they refused to leave the safety their fort offered. After several heated attempts to destroy the unwanted white fort, the enraged Anishinabek agreed to leave the fort to head back to their homes. They knew their white enemies would not leave the fort. Anishinabe military commanders ordered their brave soldiers to lift the siege on March 20, 1777. The whites were now actively invading Anishinabe controlled Ohio.

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