Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The Siege of Fort Motte May 8-12, 1781

After the Battle of Hobkirks Hill, the English military force under the command of Lord Francis Rawdon, proceeded to march towards where Fort Motte, South Carolina was located. From their scouts, the military commanders from the Southern Anishinabe Confederation determined that at least some of the soldiers from Lord Francis Rawdon’s military force would attempt to reinforce the unwanted white military fortification. In the siege that occurred at Fort Motte, the brave soldiers from the Southern Anishinabe Confederation reached the white fort before Rawdon’s soldiers could reinforce the fort. Starting on May 8, 1781, they repeatedly attacked the fort which was really a large plantation mansion, while all the while warning the forts inhabitants that they would all be burnt to death (they intended on burning the large mansion down) if they refused to surrender. By May 12, 1781, the forts small English military force numbering some 625, capitulated to the Indian and black military force. They all may have been killed by the enraged soldiers from the Southern Anishinabe Confederation, after their surrender, or enslaved.

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