Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The Siege of Fort Wayne September 5-12, 1812

This battle was also fought in the Indiana region. Fort Wayne is located where present day Fort Wayne, Indiana is located. A force of brave soldiers from the Three Fires Confederation numbering probably over 500, commenced their attack on the fort on September 5, after two whites had been seen leaving the forts outhouse. They concentrated their attack on the forts eastern walls then persuaded the forts commander to allow 14 of their representatives in to negotiate but something went horribly wrong. After the 14 Indian representatives entered the white fort an altercation occurred which led to the 14 Indian representatives leaving the fort quickly. About the only strategy the Anishinabek could try was to attempt to burn the fort down. From within the fort, the whites used their superior weapons (guns and howitzers) against the large Indian military force attacking the fort. On September 11, the Indians once again attempted to capture the fort but their attack ended in failure. They knew that new white reinforcements numbering over 2,200 soldiers, were about ready to arrive to Fort Wayne, so they lifted the siege and left. After the siege ended, a large number of white soldiers launched raids on their Miami Anishinabek allies villages located around the Fort Wayne region. The Miami Anishinabek did attempt to aid the whites but they got stabbed in the back. That obviously means at least some of the Miami Anishinabek were actively fighting the white invaders.

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