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Chippewa Indians for a Rebirth of the Chippewa Nation

Your financial support is needed. It is the Seven Fires Prophecy that foretells of a Rebirth of the Chippewa Nation. Our goal is to unite all Chippewa Reservations and Reserves in Canada, Mexico, and the United States. You can donate money by using paypal. Below is the paypal button. Donate any amount of money. If you are in fear of white terrorism, don't join our organization. Just donate money. If you are not in fear of white terrorism, click the Chippewa Indians for a Rebirth of the Chippewa Nation link below. It is a facebook page. This is from Samuel Poe. Also email me if you rather another route be a token.

Chippewa Indians for a Rebirth of the Chippewa Nation


Algonquin News

January 20, 1823 - March 8, 1824 Siege of Montevideo

Considered by historians to have been a battle of the Brazilian War of Independence, the Siege of Montevideo was just another battle between the Anishinabe Army and army of the white confederation led by England, for control of South America. This battle was fought in Montevideo or Cisplatine, Brazil. It was a part of the Anishinabe military campaign to bring Brazil under their control. For well over 1 year, Anishinabe soldiers laid siege to the unwanted white city. By March 8, 1824, they forced the whites to hand the city over to them. Afterwards, the victorious Anishinabek took control of the city and probably killed all within the settlement. White soldiers numbered over 4,000 in this long siege, while Anishinabe soldiers numbered over 3,000.

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