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March 9-29, 1847 Siege of Vera Cruz

Vera Cruz is a city located in the Mexican State of Vera Cruz, which was targeted by the white invaders in early March of 1847. The city was about the most important Mexican port on the Gulf of Mexico. American military commanders considered capturing Vera Cruz very crucial if they wanted to eventually capture the capital of Mexico which was Mexico City of course. On March 9, 1847, the white invaders commenced their assault on Vera Cruz. They had recently been reinforced with many of the American soldiers under General Zachary Taylor's command. By the time of the start of this battle, the total number of American soldiers at Vera Cruz was near 12,000. Anishinabe soldiers numbered 3,360. However, many of the American soldiers were probably Spanish whites born in Mexico who wanted nothing to do with their Indian subjugators. The Americans were led by Major General Winfield Scott. Capturing Vera Cruz was not an easy task.

Once the American naval fleet reached the port near Vera Cruz, they landed their marines and sailors without any fighting occurring which means the local native population did not have any inclination of what was occurring, or the Spanish whites born in Mexico, allowed the white invaders to simply walk right in. After landing all their soldiers without any fighting, the American soldiers were ordered to surround Vera Cruz and cut off the city's water supply. By March 22, 1847, Anishinabe military commanders responded to the American capture of Vera Cruz and commenced to battling the white invaders for control of Vera Cruz. Fighting would continue on up to March 29, 1847, when Anishinabe military commanders had seen enough of the carnage caused by the revolver. They ended their assault on the white invaders holding Vera Cruz under their control. Anishinabe casualties were very heavy in this long battle. They endurred 750 killed (most being civilians who were probably killed by the white invaders for no reason) and 250 wounded. White casualties were 13 killed and 55 wounded. The road to Mexico City was not open.

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