Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana


Most people who are aware of the famous Anishinabe leader, Tecumseh, believe that Tecumseh was the leader over all of the Anishinabek of Michigan, Ohio, Ontario, Indiana, Illinois, New York, Quebec, and Wisconsin. What they don't know about Tecumseh suggests otherwise. After Tecumsehs father was killed while at war against the invading whites, his adopted child, the white man, Blue Jacket, would raise Tecumseh and his twin brother, and that is the disturbing historical evidence which suggest that Tecumseh and possibly his twin brother, were spies working for the whites against the Indians. Blue Jacket was white, and may have been related in some way to Tecumseh. I have read about remarks Tecumsehs twin brother made during the 19th century regarding having a white mother, which may have been true.

His mother may have been a captive of Tecumsehs father. Another bit of historical information about Tecumsehs family deals with Tecumsehs nephew, Spemica Lawba, who was a spy working for the United States against the Indians. That alone suggest that Tecumseh and possibly his twin brother, were American spies working against the Anishinabek. Another bit of historical information the Anishinabek should use to claim that Tecumseh was an American spy, deals with the event that occurred during the War of 1812, when a Chippewa soldier had killed an American soldier captive, then afterwards, the Chippewa soldier was killed by Tecumseh. That alone must infuriate all Anishinabek. Tecumsehs actions went against everything the Anishinabek believed all Indians should adhere to. Instead of taking the side of Indians, Tecumseh made it very clear that he would rather kill Indians than whites.

It is very important for all Anishinabe people to ignore the historical figure of Tecumseh. Some other unknown high ranking Anishinabe military leader, led the Anishinabe Nation while the War of 1812 was fought. It definitely was not Tecumseh. It may have been his brother Tenskwatawa but possibly not. We need to look further into the mysterious life of Tenskwatawa. He was responsible for bringing the Anishinabe people together again during those times. Tecumseh may have tagged along with Tenskwatawa to rely important messages to the white invaders.

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