Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The April 24, 1866 Circleville Massacre

After the white Mormons had used treachery to massacre unarmed Anishinabek at the Manti Jail Massacre, white Mormon leaders became fearful that an Anishinabe retaliation would soon occur. Mormon leader, Orsen Hyde, ordered the whites of Monroe, Glenwood, and Salina to abandon their homes, to enter newly built forts for protection. Then Mormon leaders again resorted to using treachery to massacre innocent Indians. Near Circleville, a camp of Anishinabe people was approached by Mormon militiamen who requested from some of the camps men, for a negotiation. They took them to Circleville for the planned negotiations but arrested them instead. Meanwhile, back at the besieged camp, two Indian men approached the camp. One was killed, while the other was captured. Knowing that anyone living in the camp could alert the nearest Anishinabe camp of what the whites were doing, the white Mormon militiamen took the entire camps population back to Circleville. What these filthy white Mormons did afterwards proves that they, and their filthy religion, deserve to be flushed down the toilet.

After the white Mormon militiamen forced the Anishinabe people to Circleville, they forced them to confess to where their main ogima was located. They told them he was at Fish Lake with large numbers of Anishinabek who were planning on launching raids on Circle Valley. Of the 20 Anishinabek captured, 9 men were imprisoned in the towns filthy church, while the 11 women and children, were put in a potato cellar. On April 24, 1866, the 9 men imprisoned in the filthy Christian Mormon church, attempted to break out. The whites killed 6 of them while in the filthy Christian Mormon church. The other 3 were put in the potato cellar where the 11 women and children were. Afterwards, the filthy white Mormons held a hearing on what to do with their Indian captives. They agreed to have all killed, excepting the youngest ones. The 3 men and 7 women were, one by one, led out to have their throats cut. This event proves that Christianity must be avoided by Native Americans.

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