Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The Failed 1862 Little Shell Treaty

In late 1862 (August of that year), Ogima Little Shell and several other high ranking Anishinabe ogimak (leaders), met with American representatives to attempt to reach an agreement that the greedy Americans were demanding. Of course, those agreements were over Anishinabe land situated in central and southern Minnesota the Anishinabe Nation claimed as theirs by right of conquest, and not along both sides of the Red River, in Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota. During the treaty negotiations the greedy Americans probably became impatient and began to threaten the Anishinabe people.

There must have be some reason for that treaty negotiation to have failed, and most likely it was probably the anger of the impatient Americans which ignited ogima Little Shell and his fellow Anishinabe ogimak, to get up and leave the treaty negotiations. If the Americans would have been honest, peaceful, and straightforward with the Anishinabe ogimak, instead of behaving like the greedy and hostile people they are, that treaty negotiation possibly would have resulted in favorable conditions for both peoples. However, what followed after the treaty failed, was the 1862 Minnesota Anishinabe War. The Americans did something during the treaty negotiations which enraged ogima Little Shell and the other high ranking Anishinabe ogimak.

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