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The Florida War

While the War of 1812 was raging on up in the Great Lakes region, the whites knew they wanted to take control of the Florida Peninsula because the Anishinabe people controlled that region. They soon sent their soldiers towards the Florida region to battle the Anishinabek and their Indian and black allies who were still using the Florida Peninsula to migrate to the islands in the Caribbean Sea and northern South America. The battles of the war first occurred in the region between Georgia and Louisiana, then eventually commenced in the Florida Peninsula. At the time there was still a direct link from the Great Lakes region to South America, and the whites wanted that contact stopped. In the Caribbean the Indians and blacks would fight the whites for control of the Caribbean Islands throughout the 19th century. However, when the whites invented the revolver and then the machine gun (gatlin gun), it eventually turned the tide towards the whites. By the end of the 19th century the whites had brought all of the Caribbean Islands under their control. Most of the Anishinabek and their Indian allies, fled to Central America and South America. The blacks remained in the Caribbean. In Florida, it would take 3 wars to defeat the Anishinabe people and their Indian and black allies.Instead of staying in Florida, the great majority of the Indians and blacks sailed to the Caribbean Islands. Those who were trapped in Florida, were forced to relocate to Oklahoma by the whites, excepting a few hundred who managed to avoid being captured. They were eventually established several Reservations in south Florida. Early on the United States set aside a large Anishinabe Reservation in north and north central Florida, but they chose infidelity instead of conducting themselves in an honorable manner. It led to more war when they illicitly eradicated the Reservation. By the 1860s, the war for Florida was over. Afterwards, the whites forced the Anishinabe people to lose their Anishinabe identity.

Battle of Burnt Corn

Fort Mims Massacre

Battle of Tullushatchee

Battle of Talladega

Battle of Emuckfaw

Battle of Enotachopo

Battle of Horseshoe Bend

Battle of Pensacola

Battle of New Oreleans

Battle of Fort Bowyer

Battle of Fort Prospect Bluff

Battle of Fowltown

The Scott Massacre

General Jackson's 1818 Florida Campaign

Skirmish at Hickory Sink

Dades Massacre

Battle of Wahoo Swamp

Battle of Lake Okeechobee

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