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Seven Fires Prophecy

Survival Mode

Guess Who's Going To Be On My Enemies List?

Oh, dear, it's the infamous Water Leak. They are becoming more and more agitated about the adventure. You god dam cowardly white future earthlings are not going to defeat me. My toilet is your revenge. Take your mother fuckin white god (he loves to wage war against defenseless men, women and children or is a baby killing coward) and shove him up your stinking white behinds. Cowards. This will end when the time machine goes to the negotiating table. They, the whites, are going to profusely lie to you. It's what they are full of. About a month ago, they violated my homes water. Before they violated my homes water, i paid $800 to Montana Roof Masters to fix my homes roof. Afterwards, my homes roof got worse. I called Benjamin Franklin Plumbing here in Great Falls, to fix the water problem. I was told ? They either considered it too hard to do or thought they were to good. This is going to stay until the end of the year or into early next year. Were not stupid. We know you whites have evil intentions. We are dealing with Genocide and you whites don't care. You whites think it's a game. It's not a game. I strongly advise you cowardly white future earthlings to cooperate. I didn't ask for you to intrude. I follow the law and expect you to also follow the law. Stop intruding. I didn't ask for this. Back off. It stays. In fact, if you continue to intrude, this will get worse. It don't matter because i know i have won. You shouldn't have intruded into my life. I feel sorry for you. I'm a nobody and you react as if i am the leader of a vast nation. I'm not a leader of a vast nation. I'm a nobody. Leave me alone. I'll continue to warn non whites about what you have done and what you are doing. That will not stop. Genocide is very serious.

For the last several months, the whites have let known what is now the road they are going down. We can't tell the whites what road to go down. We know it will be the whites who make the decisions. It is very obvious that the whites including white Indians, are convinced going down the wrong road is their salvation. We must now commence Survival Mode. China must increase their military strength in and near non white nations including the Ark or Bow, that China is in and near now, to prepare non white nations for survival. China will bring non white nations to the future. It is crucial that China prepare them for the event mentioned in the Seven Fires Prophecy and Revelation. You must now prepare them for survival. A message using the time machine, must be sent to the leaders of the Samnites of southern Italy. They are to force their way north and wait for a new religion known as Christianity. They are to force their way throughout Europe. Christianity will promote a deceptive belief. Samnite leaders must order their soldiers to defeat the white Romans. After defeating the white Romans, the Samnites are to round up the white Romans throughout the Roman Empire and exterminate them. They are also to round up other white nations in Europe and exterminate them. They can do whatever they like with Christianity and other religions. That be leave them alone. They know what their future foretells and allowing religions to influence them will do no good. However, they can take it out on religious leaders. Let Samnite leaders know reinforcements will arrive to eastern Europe within 600 years after they exterminate the white Romans. They will help them escape from the evil intentions of the whites. They are to be very cautious during that time. Once they commence to follow prophecy and migrate east to what is now Pakistan and India, let them know Ojibwa soldiers will force their way to eastern Europe to halt the whites. It will allow tens of millions of Indians living around the Mediterranean Region, to reach Pakistan and India. China will later intervene on behalf of the Indians of India and Pakistan. That will happen centuries after the migrations complete. Samnite leaders are also to send their soldiers to the interior of Africa. The whites will be up to no good in Africa. China will force their way to Africa to support the blacks in their struggle for survival to reach the future.

The Iron Confederation

It is interesting to research the Indian history of the time period from 1700 to 1736, especially in 1736, because it does look very puzzling. Evidently in 1736, some people claimed to be a Dakota people, claimed that the bitter rivals of the Anishinabek, the Dakotas, became the allies of the Anishinabek. Those same people claimed that is was a group of Anishinabek and Dakotas, who killed 21 French traders around the same time period. What actually occurred in 1736, was the birth of the formidable Iron Confederation, or in Anishinabe, the Nehiyaw Pwat. Of course, the Anishinabek became the allies (they actually subjugated the Dakotas) of the Dakota in 1736, but it was not all Dakotas. It would take years more for Anishinabe soldiers to subjugate nearly all Dakotas.

Over time, the Anishinabe people of primarily Canada but also in Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota, absorbed so many Dakotas amongst them, a new people ermerged. Still Anishinabe but with a strong Dakota presence. Today, they are known as the Nakotas. They include the Assiniboine of course, and also the Yankton and Yanktonai, and the Santee people of Minnesota, and eastern North Dakota and eastern South Dakota. After the formidable Iron Confederation was formed, the westward expansion of the Anishinabek, quickly followed.

Within probably 7 or 8 decades, the Iron Confederation had expanded all the way to the Pacific Coastline of California, Oregon and Washington, and to Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and even into the Northwest Territories, and possibly into eastern Alaska. They also colonized the Dakotas, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, and Mexico. However, they merged with a much earlier group of Anishinabek who lived in those regions. All tribes of the Iron Confederation, were allowed to freely conduct their daily affairs as long as they paid a tribute to the Anishinabe Nation, who promised to protect them. The Nehiyaw Pwat, was the strongest Indian Confederation in western North America and responsible for fighting the Americans in the many conflicts which occurred in the 19th century.

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