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Seven Fires Prophecy

Survival Mode

For the last several months, the whites have let known what is now the road they are going down. We can't tell the whites what road to go down. We know it will be the whites who make the decisions. It is very obvious that the whites including white Indians, are convinced going down the wrong road is their salvation. We must now commence Survival Mode. China must increase their military strength in and near non white nations including the Ark or Bow, China is in now, to prepare non white nations for survival. China will bring non white nations to the future. It is crucial that China prepare them for the event mentioned in the Seven Fires Prophecy and Revelation. We must take the warnings seriously. You must now prepare them for survival.


The Iron Confederation

It is interesting to research the Indian history of the time period from 1700 to 1736, especially in 1736, because it does look very puzzling. Evidently in 1736, some people claimed to be a Dakota people, claimed that the bitter rivals of the Anishinabek, the Dakotas, became the allies of the Anishinabek. Those same people claimed that is was a group of Anishinabek and Dakotas, who killed 21 French traders around the same time period. What actually occurred in 1736, was the birth of the formidable Iron Confederation, or in Anishinabe, the Nehiyaw Pwat. Of course, the Anishinabek became the allies (they actually subjugated the Dakotas) of the Dakota in 1736, but it was not all Dakotas. It would take years more for Anishinabe soldiers to subjugate nearly all Dakotas.

Over time, the Anishinabe people of primarily Canada but also in Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota, absorbed so many Dakotas amongst them, a new people ermerged. Still Anishinabe but with a strong Dakota presence. Today, they are known as the Nakotas. They include the Assiniboine of course, and also the Yankton and Yanktonai, and the Santee people of Minnesota, and eastern North Dakota and eastern South Dakota. After the formidable Iron Confederation was formed, the westward expansion of the Anishinabek, quickly followed.

Within probably 7 or 8 decades, the Iron Confederation had expanded all the way to the Pacific Coastline of California, Oregon and Washington, and to Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and even into the Northwest Territories, and possibly into eastern Alaska. They also colonized the Dakotas, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, and Mexico. However, they merged with a much earlier group of Anishinabek who lived in those regions. All tribes of the Iron Confederation, were allowed to freely conduct their daily affairs as long as they paid a tribute to the Anishinabe Nation, who promised to protect them. The Nehiyaw Pwat, was the strongest Indian Confederation in western North America and responsible for fighting the Americans in the many conflicts which occurred in the 19th century.

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