Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The 1866 Manti Massacre

In their quest to end the war, white Mormon leaders agreed to commence to arresting Anishinabe ogimak (leaders), as a means to bring the conflict to an end. One Indian leader the whites named Sanpitch, was arrested and confined in the Manti courthouse. The whites used some method (probably torture) to get ogima Sanpitch to help them find any Indians connected to ogima Black Hawk. Ogima Sanpitch agreed to the demands. The whites learned from ogima Sanpitch, where to capture several important Anishinabe men who were connected with ogima Black Hawk. Of the several Anishinabe men captured, the filthy white Mormons, executed three of them. Those other Anishinabe men arrested knew the whites would probably kill them so after their wifes visited them while in custody, they received from their wifes, a chisel and some knifes to help them escape. On March 20, 1866, they made their attempt to escape. Two of the five Anishinabe men who attempted to escape were shot dead. The other 3 were tracked down and killed by the filthy white Mormons. There were yet several other Anishinabe prisoners in the Manti jail, including ogima Sanpitch.

On March 21, 1866, the filthy white Mormons captured an Anishinabe woman and child, who they accused of helping the Anishinabe men escape. The filthy white Mormons shot and killed the woman and child. On April 14, 1866, ogima Sanpitch and several other Anishinabe prisoners escaped from the Manti jail. Several were captured then killed by the filthy white Mormons. However, ogima Sanpitch and 4 others eluded capture. Soon after they escaped, the filthy white Mormons captured the wounded ogima Sanpitch (he was shot while attempting to escape) then killed him where they found him. Soon after ogima Sanpitch was killed, the filthy white Mormons capted three of the four remaining Anishinabek and killed them.

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