Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Washington D.C. Is Destroyed August 24, 1814

After their victory at Bladensburg, Anishinabe military commanders knew the road to the capital of the United States was open to Anishinabe military traffic. The obvious goal of the Anishinabek was what the symbol of Washington D.C. represented to all Native Americans. They not only intended to flex their military might for the Native Americans of that time period, they also did it to honor all future Native Americans. Although they were not a large military force, Anishinabe soldiers entered Washington D.C. as conquerors then proceeded to burn down governments buildings. They set the Senate and House of Representatives buildings on fire. Afterwards, they walked to the nearby White House then burned it down. A day later, worst befell the city of Washington D.C. On August 25, 1814, Washington D.C. was hit by a hurricane and a tornado. Almost no casualties occurred during the Anishinabe assault on the white city of Washington D.C. Most likely most of the city's population evacuated the city to avoid the enraged Anishinabe soldiers. The only reason Washington D. C. was not totally destroyed, was the rain. Anishinabe military commanders had achieved their goal of retaliation.

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