Mission Indians

They have a history which has been written for them by whites. Anishinabe People must include these people who live primarily in south California, as being Anishinabe. One reason is historic Route 66 which was an Anishinabe road used by Ojibway People as long ago as 1,500 years, to follow Seven Fires Prophecy, while another is historical records of 19th century in California, which hint at a cover-up is in place. Then we must also deal with a white conspiracy to corrupt these innocent people.

Whites have deliberately corrupted languages of Mission Indians. For instance, they classified Kumeyaay and Diegueno (both are same people) as speaking Yuman. They also classified Ohlone as speaking a distinct language. However, according to a Mexican linguistic, all Mission Indian Languages are a part of Mexican-Opata Language Family, which is now known as Uto-Aztecan Language Family. Whites north of Mexico, corrupted this Mexican linguistic work by separating Ohlone and Yuman Languages. They did so for a reason. Cubas information about Apache and Navajo are subject to debate. He first wrote that Apache and Navajo were same as Yavipai (he classified Yavipai as being El Yuma which could mean Apache and Navajo are also Yuman or Opata-Pima). Read it very carefully because he then describes Apache and Navajo as being independent. Apache and Navajo are supposedly independent yet 1832's Edinburgh Encyclopedia classify's Chipewyan People as being Ojibway. Click here to read a bit of a google books book about Senor Don Antonio Garcia Cubas work. This books author left a clever clue. Mission Indians speak Comanche-Shoshone or Shoshonean which is Ojibway and Opata-Pima which is probably Ojibway as well. Those Mexican-Opata Languages much further south are an admixture of Ojibway and non Ojibway. In extreme northern Mexico on up to Montana, Ojibway Language dominated. Ojibway Historians were very helpful. We know Shoshone People are Ojibway. Andrew Blackbird wrote that Ojibway was extensively spoken among Shoshone People. Peter Jones wrote that Ojibway Language was spoken from where Headwaters of Mississippi River is located (extreme southwest Montana almost adjacent to Montana's border with Idaho or where Lemhi Shoshone Ojibway People live) and headwaters of Red River which is located in Texas's Panhandle.

18 Treaties in 1851-1852 in California

Between 1851 and 1852, American negotiators met with and signed 18 treaties with Ojibway leaders in California. However, to get their approval they had to sign a formal treaty that ratified those 18 treaties. That happened in Montana. In exchange for land cessions, Ojibway People were set aside Reservations in California covering 11,665 sq. mi. or 7,466,000 acres. Of course, American leaders lied. Supposedly they lost those 18 treaties, then they were found later. Experts know what that represents. It meant American leaders were not going to follow treaty agreements, which means those Reservations in California covering 11,665 sq. mi. or 7,466,000 acres continue to exist. A cover-up about that 11,665 sq. mi. or 7,466,000 acres, has been in place since 1905. It coincides with a ratification of that infamous 10 cent an acre treaty. Below is a map of Route 66 and the links to pages which detail the Mission Indian Reservations.

Mission Indian Reservations of California

Agua Caliente Indian Reservation

Augustine Indian Reservation

Barona Indian Reservation

Cabazon Indian Reservation

Cahuilla Indian Reservation

Campo Indian Reservation

Captain Grande Indian Reservation

Cuyapaipe Indian Reservation

Ewiiaapaayp Indian Reservation

Inaja-Cosmit Indian Reservation

La Jolla Indian Reservation

La Posta Indian Reservation

Los Coyotes Indian Reservation

Manzanita Indian Reservation

Morongo Indian Reservation

Pala Indian Reservation

Pauma and Yuima Indian Reservation

Pechanga Indian Reservation

Ramona Indian Reservation

San Pasqual Indian Reservation

Santa Rosa Indian Reservation

Santa Ysabel Indian Reservation

Soboba Indian Reservation

Torres-Martinez Indian Reservation

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