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Grand Rapids First Nation Homicide Suspect Turns Himself In

Rodney Cain McNabb was wanted for an arrest warrant for the July 5, 2020 murder of a GRFN man at Grand Rapids or Missi Pawistik (it should be Little Rapids or just Pawis'tig). After an arrest warrant was issued on September 15, 2020, he did right by turning himself over to the law. According to police reports, they were called to a shooting incident at Pawis'tig and found a 31 year old man in serious condition from a gunshot wound. He was taken to GRFN's nursing station where he died. Grand Rapids is located in central Manitoba. They have errored in naming their community. In Ojibway, "Mis-si" means "all, entire, everything, whole." They don't know that "Pa-wis" is a diminutive meaning "Little Rapids." An "s" was added to "pawa" which means "falls and rapids" in Ojibway. Translated "Pawis'tig" means "Little Rapids Place." The "tig" means "tree" in Ojibway. In Ojibway, they use tree or "tig" as a locative.

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