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Jodi Sallis Fit of Rage Kills Her at Cherokee Tribal Jurisdictional Service Area

Jodi Sallis of Fort Gibson, Oklahoma went into a fit of rage at the home of Brandi Lee for some reason. According to Lee, Sallis also targeted other peoples cars and homes near hers. Sallis broke into Lee's shed and stole two cans of gasoline and threw them into a fire pit. Sallis then fled in her car south towards Fort Gibson or north towards Hulbert on South 410 Road, then crashed just north of Norwood Public School which is located on South 410 Road and West 790 Road. Sallis was fleeing from police before she crashed. Police estimated her vehicle was going faster than 110 mph or 177 kph, before she crashed near Norwood Public School. When paramedics and police reached the accident scene, Sallis was yet alive. They had to lift her vehicle off her leg. After she was placed in the ambulance she died from her injuries. This incident happened at or near the Ojibway and Cherokee CTJSA town of Hulbert, Oklahoma. Police did not release further details on why Sallis behaved as she did.

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