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Suspicious Deaths At Northern Cheyenne Reservation

On Monday August 10, 2020 a man or woman was found dead at the Shoshone (aka Shawnee or Cheyenne) Ojibway Northern Cheyenne Reservation which is located in southeast Montana, adjacent to the Bungee Ojibway Crow Reservation. FBI and BIA officials decilned to include information on the death. There have been 5 deaths at Northern Cheyenne Reservation since 2018, that have not been properly handled or solved. In late June of this year or 2020, 19 year old Kymani Littlebird was found hanging dead near Lame Deer. Her death is considered suspicious. On July 3, 2020 Lonnie Flatness was murdered at his home at Lame Deer. Earlier in March of 2020, 33 year old Christie Woodenthigh was hit by a car and killed. In December of 2018, Henry Scott, 18 years old, was found frozen to death. His death is also considered suspicious. Leaders of Northern Cheyenne Reservation are upset about their domains predicament and are requesting for help from American leaders which is a no, no! They have to help themselves! They can form their own crime units to solve suspicious deaths within their domain. At least 1 of the deaths was a homicide. Almost no information about the most recent suspicious death has been released. The other 3 deaths look somewhat suspicious yet not really. Two were possble accidents.

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