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Treaty 3 Grand Council Going Down Wrong Road

Recently leaders of Treaty 3 Grand Council Ojibway communities voted to add a fifth council to their government. What is alarming about their actions, is why they decided to add a fifth council to their government. Their new fifth council will represent lesbians and homosexuals. To allow a distinct council to be a part of Treaty 3 goverment that serves people that are not normal, is against evolution. They are to be treated according to how human society views them which is being not normal. Since civilization commenced, lesbians and homosexuals have been treated with dignity and hostility. Gay men and women don't like each other. Governments do have responsibility to serve lesbians and homosexuals yet not allow them a special place within any government. What Treaty 3 Grand Council did was no different than allowing mad scientists to rule governments. We know that has happened in the future! Since lesbians and homosexuals are not normal, they must be treated like other segments of society that have special problems. Governments create programs to tend to them. They don't allow them a special place in their government where they can cause trouble. That's the point! We don't want them causing trouble. It's been known for an extremely long time that homosexual men show extreme disrespect towards women. Since Treaty 3 Grand Council is now going to allow homosexual men an opportunity to exploit government power, we know what to expect! Evolution does not support men. Evolution supports women. Do women give birth to men? It's not a man's world! It's a woman's world! We are brought into this world by women and give them little opportunity to help serve citizens. Treaty 3 Grand Council is a disgrace to human civilization. They have initiated an insult to law obeying people that could lead to violence. They have broken a bond with evolution that will punish them.

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