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Ojibway Reservations

Akaitcho Territory, Canada

Bad River Reservation, Wisconsin

Blackfeet Reservation, Montana

Big Cypress Reservation, Florida

Brighton Reservation, Florida

Cheyenne River Reservation, South Dakota

Colorado River Reservation, Arizona

Crow Reservation, Montana

Dehcho Territory, NWT, Canada

Deer Creek Ojibway Reservation, Minnesota

Duck Valley Reservation, Idaho & Nevada

Durango Reservation of Mexico

Flathead Reservation, Montana

Fond du Lac Reservation, Minnesota

Fort Assiniboine Indian Reservation, Montana

Fort Belknap Reservation, Montana

Fort Berthold Reservation, North Dakota

Fort Hall Reservation, Idaho

Fort Mojave Reservation, Arizona, California & Nevada

Fort Peck Reservation, Montana

Fort Yuma Reservation, Arizona & California

Gila River Reservation, Arizona

Goshute Reservation, Nevada & Utah

Grand Portage Reservation, Minnesota

Grand Traverse Reservation, Michigan

Gwich'in Territory, NWT, Canada

Hoopa Valley Reservation, California

Hopi Reservation, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico & Utah

Isabella Reservation, Michigan

Lac Courte Oreilles Reservation, Wisconsin

Lac du Flambeau Reservation, Wisconsin

L'Anse Reservation, Michigan

Leech Lake Reservation, Minnesota

Manis'tig Reservation, Michigan

Menominee Reservation, Wisconsin

Nacimiento Reservation of Mexico

Nett Lake Reservation, Minnesota

Northern Cheyenne Reservation, Montana

Papago Reservation, Arizona

Passamaquoddy Indian Township Reservation, Maine

Passamaquoddy Pleasant Point Reservation, Maine

Penobscot Indian Island Reservation, Maine

Pine Ridge-Rosebud Reservation, South Dakota

Red Cliff Reservation, Wisconsin

Red Lake Reservation, Minnesota

Sahtu Territory, NWT, Canada

Spirit Lake Reservation, North Dakota

Tamichopa Ojibway Kickapoo Reservation of Mexico

Tlicho Territory, NWT, Canada

Torres-Martinez Reservation, California

Trenton Indian Service Area, Montana & North Dakota

Turtle Mountain Reservation, North Dakota

Uintah Valley Reservation, Utah

White Earth Reservation, Minnesota

Wind River Reservation, Wyoming

Yakima Reservation, Washington

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