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This is another message to a non white entity from the future. I have been advertising to build up a membership to the Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians and i know something is wrong. I have had people call and request for applications and sent them to them. About four agreed to become members yet they did not cash in. In fact, none of them cashed in. I am offering $10 for them becoming members of the RBTCI. A couple of weeks ago, i received numerous hostile calls. One call was from Melinda Gopher who told me what i was doing was a scam. Melinda and a couple of her relatives, are the Ahontoays Saulteaux Ojibway's. They won't accept new members because of me. Commence to create a vast lake in the time period you live in (a thousand or so years from now or 2017) and fill it with fuel that will burn forever and throw white Indians, anyone linked to my advertising (online and offline) who are a part of a conspiracy against me, owners of those publications i advertise in (online and offline) who are a part of a conspiracy against me, and anyone else including leaders who are either Indian, white or any other race, you know who are a part of a conspiracy to violate my goals, into that Lake of Burning Fire, where they will burn forever. They can, however, cooperate (stay out of this) to avoid the Lake of Burning Fire. It's their decision. The future is so advanced we are nothing to them. We are not in control. The future is. I'm advertising in two newspapers now and getting no responses. When advertisers offer free money, they are going to get far more responses than an average ad. I'm not stupid. Someone is intruding. Find them and what era they are from and enforce the law. Be extremely brutal and gruesome with them. We are dealing with Genocide.

I recently sent a Letter For Recognition to the BIA. I was originally going to send a Letter of Intent yet i have read the Seven Fires Prophecy many times. It tells Indians that whites must prove that they are the brothers and sisters of Native Americans. They are not doing that. It's important that white leaders respond. They have to prove they are the brothers and sisters of Native Americans. I don't expect a response from the BIA. I included a SASE. Below is a copy of my Letter For Recognition. Remember, we have to follow prophecy which means the whites must prove they are the brothers and sisters of Native Americans.

Representative Samuel Poe of Flathead Mountain Reservation
Attn: Office of Representative Samuel Poe
2010 River Drive North #1
Great Falls, MT 59401

Dear Flathead Mountain Reservation Representative Samuel Poe:
The BUREAU OF INDIAN AFFAIRS on behalf of the Government of the United States, is writing to express its intention to resume recognition of the Flathead Mountain Reservation which was originally created with the October 17, 1855 Treaty. After the 1868 Treaty signings were signed to end the war going on at that time, per treaty agreements, leaders from the Chippewa's, Bannack, Blackfeet, Crow, Flathead Tribes including the Kalispel and Spokane, Gros Ventre, Kootenai, Nez Perce and Shoshone, agreed to cede that portion of their Reservation which has the land cession numbers 398 and 565. Per treaty agreements, they were left that portion of their Reservation with has the land area numbers 399 and 574. American leaders refused to honor the 1868 Treaty. However, to promote brotherhood and sisterhood among the worlds races, the Government of the United States has resumed recognition of the Flathead Mountain Reservation which was created for the Chippewa's, Bannack, Blackfeet, Crow, Flathead Tribes including the Kalispel and Spokane, Gros Ventre, Kootenai, Nez Perce and Shoshone, with the 1868 Treaty signings.

Further, the Government of the United States recognizes that the October 17, 1855 Treaty did in fact create Flathead Mountain Reservation (aka Blackfeet Reservation) and that the western boundary of the Flathead Mountain Reservation extends to the Continental Divide which is the Rocky Mountain Trench. There is the matter of determining where the Rocky Mountain Trench is located. Columbia River makes an abrupt turn southeast where Kinbasket Lake is located in British Columbia. Either Columbia River flowing southwest towards the Pacific Ocean is in fact the Continental Divide or Rocky Mountain Trench, or that portion of Columbia River that flows southeast from Kinbasket Lake towards Libby, Montana is the Continental Divide or Rocky Mountain Trench. During the Stevens Treaties, the Rocky Mountain Trench was obviously considered a boundary by both Indian leaders and white leaders. That issue has not been resolved.

This Letter of Recognition is signed by:


and submitted to Flathead Mountain Reservation Representative Samuel Poe.



Below is a photo of the white Indian Melinda Gopher. She is so stupid she thinks she's going to live again in the future. White leaders from the future are not going to bring back billions of Indians, blacks and other non whites, to live with whites in the future. Indians, blacks and other non whites are our responsibility. What does the Seven Fires Prophecy tell non whites about whites? Don't trust them. They will try and fool you. We know that as fact. The whites are using their media and religions to fool non whites.

I met Melinda's father back in the 1990s. He was very helpful to me. His daughter is a total disgrace. So she thinks what i am doing is a scam? Below is a news artcle from the December 24, 1921 Great Falls Tribune. That's where i intervene or continue on with chief Rocky Boys goals of gaining Federal Recognition with a large Reservation in the Great Falla, Montana region. And Melinda Gopher thinks it's a scam. It's there for everyone to read. Melinda thinks she's going to save the world. What she is doing is proving to Indian Traditionalists that she is, in fact, a white Indian. She is trying to stop me. No one want's to try and stop me prevent the whites from killing off Indians, blacks and other non whites. My intentions are good. I fight terrorism with terrorism.

I've been making news videos and one has really caught the attention of certain people. It's titled "Rosalyn Boyce Murdered by Jeffrey Winter at Wapekeka." It didn't take them certain people long to post comments telling Indians to kill themselves off and worse. It got so bad i stopped people from posting at the youtube video page where "Rosalyn Boyce Murdered by Jeffrey Winter at Wapekeka" is. It's my most successful news video with 335 views which are bogus of course. Find who posted those comments and throw them into the Lake of Burning Fire, where they will burn for eternity. Also have your detectives (you already know what happened since you live 100s of years in the future) placed at locations where people call to respond to my ads. If they find those callers to be crooked, throw them into that Lake of Burning Fire, where they will burn forever.

Chief Rocky Boy left Blackfeet Reservation in 1913 and relocated to where West Bank Park is in Great Falls. In 1914, he was headquarted here in Great Falls and had 700 or more Indians under his control here in the Great Falls, Montana region. What happened in 1916-1917 was bogus. They changed the name of Fort Assiniboine Indian Reservation to Rocky Boys Reservation. They then reduced the size of Fort Assiniboine Indian Reservation and forced 100s of Ojibway's off the Reservation. In 1901, it was reported in the Kalipsell Bee, that chief Rocky Boy went before Judge McClernan requesting for a passport to sail (navigate) to Idaho. It took me a long time to understand that chief Rocky Boy wanted the passports to sail to South America. Below is an excerpt from that 1901 news article. In 1902, the United States contacted chief Rocky Boy and negotiated with him about stopping the Ojibway migration to South America. Chief Rocky Boy agreed on condition. Many new Ojibway Reservations in Canada and the United States and elsewhere, were granted to chief Rocky Boy afterwards. The RBTCI will send Letters of Intent to those Reservations and Reserves, requesting for Tribal Recognition. If you cooperate, you will avoid that Lake of Burning Fire. Ojibway historians provided historical evidence on what happens to non whites who help the whites and side with the whites.

The Chippewa Deseret (desert) Reservation

It has presented itself before the Chippewa's for over 150 years. I have not researched the history of the Mormons up until recently. I first researched the life of Joseph Smith. Then i watched a film about the life of Joseph Smith and towards the middle of the film where the exodus of 1838-1839 was happening, i realized the Mormons are not white. They are Indian. Precisely, they are Algonquin's. Smith was born in Sharon, Vermont in 1805. Vermont is eastern Algonquin (Abenaki) country. He became a Christian like many other Indians during those times who had been subjugated by the whites. In 1817, his family moved to Algonquin (the Mississaugah or Saginaw Chippewa's or just Sauk) land in western New York State. Palmyra, New York played an unusual role in Smith's life. Smith was probably a mixed blood. Though he was of mixed heritage he knew the entire history of the Algonquin Nation or Atlanteans. He knew where Algonquin leaders buried it. He kept it with him and those close to him including non Indians.

Those non Indians spied on Smith and those who followed him. Smith tried to convert many Indians to Christianity but the Algonquin traditionalists were there and not the least bit impressed with Smith and his followers. During those times (the 1820s and 1830s) many Indians were following the Seven Fires Prophecy and migrating to the west. The south was under white control in those times. Smith would eventually take part in the western diasporas. In 1827, Smith moved his family to what is now Oakland, Pennsylvania. In those times it was named Harmony. His purpose was to translate the history of the Algonquin Nation or Atlanteans, to the Roman Alphabet from Ojibway Syllabics and to start a church. The translation was completed around July 1, 1829. Supposedly, his history book was published on March 26, 1830. However, the Book of Mormon is not the book Smith translated. The Book of Mormon is the work of white spies who did not want the entire history of the Algonquin Nation or Atlanteans, known by the future. In fact, white leaders commenced to use intimidation against Smith and his followers who had published the entire History of the Algonquin Nation or Atlanteans.

Smith was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. He was acquitted but he knew he had to relocate to a safer location. At the time Missouri was being settled by eastern Algonquin's and was their first choice. However, northern Ohio yet had a very large Indian population. Kirtland, Ohio became Smith's ideal place for his church. And he continued to attract the unwanted attention of Algonquin traditionalist leaders. In 1831, Smith visited what is now Jackson County, Missouri which is about 26 miles from Franklin County, Kansas where 10,000s of eastern Saginaw's fled to in 1838-1839. Smith established another church in Missouri. Smith visited Missouri again in 1832 and was captured by a mob of Algonquin traditionalists and beaten to the point of unconsciousness. He returned to Ohio. While Smith was in Ohio, Algonquin traditionalists attacked Smiths followers in Missouri. Smith actually told his followers to fight back which they did. They were expelled from the Chippewa Colony.

Smith was building his church in Kirtland, Ohio but probably knew the whites of that region would force the Indians to leave. His church was dedicated in 1836 or 1837 but events were already happening which would lead to the 1838-1839 Chippewa Exodus to Kansas.

The 1838-1839 Exodus

Smith continued to keep his church alive but the Algonquin traditional leaders were terrified of the whites and knew from the Seven Fires Prophecy they had to commence an exodus. The following exodus left Smith broke and his costly church the work of the cheating whites. Algonquin leaders knew they could not equally fight the cheating whites. By the mid 1830s, the cheating whites had invented the hand gun revolver. If they had invented the hand gun revolver by the mid 1830s, they certainly had already invented the rifle revolver or the repeating rifle. Smith was among the first of the Algonquin's to reach the Kansas region. He arrived to the Chippewa Platte Reservation in northwestern Missouri which was set aside on September 26, 1833, in 1838. He settled at Far West, Missouri. He was not popular. He knew Algonquin traditionalists considered the bible the work of their problems.

While in Missouri, Smith commenced the construction of a new church. Many Algonquin traditionalists were very angry about what they had just went through. White historians name the exodus the Cherokee Trail of Tears but it was the Chippewa's who fled and not the Cherokee. They fled on their own. Smith had to protect his followers and his church very carefully while in Missouri. Smith and his followers celebrated the fourth of July which further pissed off Algonquin traditionalists. In 1836, the United States stole the southwestern part of the 5 million acre Reservation they promised the Chippewa's on September 26, 1833. Below are two links to pictures of the southwestern part of the Chippewa Platte Reservation in northwestern Missouri. Most of the 5 million acre Reservation was located in Iowa.

Map of the Chippewa Platte Reservation

Map of the Chippewa Platte Reservation

Violence over the theft of their Reservation land commenced in 1836. The violence was not great however. In 1838, the Mormon War was fought in northwestern Missouri. The war was about the theft of the Platte Reservation. At least 21 Indians were killed in the short conflict. Smith was a military leader in the war. With the crookedness of the United States plainly clear, Algonquin leaders knew they had to commence another exodus. Most fled to northern Mexico. On November 1, 1838, Smith and other Algonquin leaders surrendered. They were forced to leave Missouri. Many Chippewa's were yet living in the Nauvoo, Illinois region at the time and Smith relocated there. Around 14,000 Christian Chippewa's lived in that region which straddles the Illinois-Iowa border. Smith used the location to attract more Christian Chippewa's. The Chippewa's in Kansas were even far more angry after the events of 1836-1838. Smith trusted a white man named Brigham Young to help his church. It was a terrible mistake. He was a spy.

While in Nauvoo, Smith became a Freemason. That was the last straw to Algonquin traditionalists. In December of 1843, Smith petitioned Congress to make Nauvoo a Reservation (an independant country to most). He also planned to run for President of the United States. In 1844, Smith and those closest to him (spies), learned that the Chippewa's in Kansas were making plans for an exodus to the west, as well as to Texas and Mexico. Smith and his followers prepared to send Christian Chippewa's to Kansas to take part in the eventual migration. In the summer of 1844, the whites knew Smith and his followers were up to someting and commenced to bother them. Smith was arrested on June 23, 1844. On June 27, 1844, a white or Indian mob broke into the jail holding Smith and his brother and killed both of them.

The 1846 Exodus

On June 5, 1846, the crooked United States broke treaty promises and stole the 5 millon acre Reservation they promised the Chippewa's on September 26, 1833. Well before it became official, Chippewa leaders knew what would happen and sent out advance parties to find good locations they could settle. They were told to find land the whites would dislike which was desert and mountainous land. When the advance parties came back, they told their leaders about a location in northeastern Utah. Today, it is known as the Salt Lake Valley. In April of 1847, the Chippewa's commenced in earnest the exodus to the Salt Lake Valley. Among them were Christian Chippewa's and white Christian Missionaries. One of their leaders was Brigham Young. He was a spy. Below is a link to a map of the Chippewa Reservation in western Iowa that was stolen.

Map of the Chippewa Platte Reservation

Over 70,000 Chippewa's, other Indian Tribes, and blacks took part in the exodus. Around 5% of the people who fled were, in fact, blacks. They probably came up from the Mississippi region. In July of 1847, the first Chippewa settlers arrived to the Salt Lake Valley. Other Chippewa's used a ship to migrate to Hawaii during the same year of 1847. After reaching the Salt Lake Valley they commenced to settle down. The Salt Lake Valley was not the only location the Chippewa advance parties found to be land the whites would dislike. Other locations where the Chippewa Mormons established colonies include:

Las Vegas Colony - Of course, it is the well known Las Vegas, Nevada. It was settled by the Chippewa's soon after they colonized the Salt Lake Valley.

San Bernardino Colony - Of course, it is San Bernardino, California. However, the Chippewa San Bernardino Colony extended from Yucaipa to Pomona and included the region to the south of San Bernardino where Hemet, Moreno Valley, Perris, San Jacinto, and Temecula are.

Death Valley - Of course, it is Death Valley, California. Not very many Chippewa's settled here. During the hot summer months they left for cooler locations.

San Francisco - Of course, it is San Francisco, California. They were quickly driven out to the San Bernardino Colony by the white invaders.

Hawaii - Of course, it is the State of Hawaii. The cheating whites even followed the Chippewa's to Hawaii. I don't know how many Chippewa's migrated to Hawaii but it was far more than white historians claim.

The 1849 Treaty and Chippewa Deseret Reservation of Now

On September 9, 1849, the United States reached a treaty agreement with the Navajo (white historians are fooling you about the name Nau-vo-oh or Nauvoo) which established the boundaries of this very large Reservation. It was in 1849 that the Mormons proposed the State of Deseret. September 9 should be celebrated. After the 1846-1848 Mexican-American War which was a war fought over the Chippewa's migrating to the west and Mexico, especially Mexico, the United States reached a treaty agreement with Chippewa leaders in which they set aside an extremely large Reservation in the western United States for the Chippewa's, other Indian Tribes, and blacks. It is known as the State of Deseret. At first, it may have been called the State of Deseret but it is really a Reservation. Below is a map of the Chippewa Deseret Reservation.

The Chippewa Deseret Reservation is why Cinco de Mayo is celebrated. Mexicans do not want to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. No one wants to be played! Other Chippewa Colonies were established in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho (ogima Big Bear possibly migrated to Idaho after the 1846-1848 war), Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming. They even established settlements in Alberta, Canada. Even in 1885, Chippewa Mormons were establishing settlements in northern Mexico. Ogima Geronimo played an important role in that event. More Chippewa Mormon migrations followed into the early 20th century. Mormon is a derogatory name which has it's origins among the Moors of northern Africa. If you want to know where the entire History of the Algonquin Nation or Atlanteans, is now located and also where the original Algonquin Language (the Anishinabe Language now is nothing like the original Anishinabe Language), visit Salt Lake City.

Mormon religion has it's roots in the church Smith founded. However, Brigham Young and the other white Christians who served as missionaries among the Indians, thought it crude to be racists and they conjectured a future was better off not knowing what they did. A religion promoting racism was carefully organized by Brigham Young and the other white Christian Missionaries who worked with him among the Indians who migrated to the Salt Lake Valley. Part of their plan was attracting whites from the America's and Europe. They did well in their promotion. You do not want anything to do with the white Mormon religion. They are filthy and have evil intentions. Avoid them!

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