Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Dry Creek Indian Reservation

This Chippewa Reservations history is obscure. That's because the Chippewa Indians Dry Creek Indian Reservation has no permanent Chippewa population (settlements or communities) within it's boundaries. It is a part of the Bois Forte or Nett Lake Reservation. It is not being untilized by Nett Lake Reservation. It is said Dry Creek Indian Reservation covers 35 sq. mi. However, the entire Effie Unorganized Territory is actually the Dry Creek Indian Reservation. Effie Unorganized Territory covers 80 sq. mi. Below is a link to a google maps map of the Dry Creek Indian Reservation which is really Effie Unorganized Territory. Don't be fooled by the two areas which appear to be the Reservation. The entire light color area surrounded by the green color area, is in fact Effie Unorganized Territory. Nett Lake Reservation including Dry Creek and Lake Vermillion Reservations, are actually within the Little Shell Chippewa Pembina Reservation.


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