Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Eagle Hills Reserve

This Reserves location is 24 km or 15 miles, south of North Battleford, Saskatchewan. There are four distinct Reserves which make up the Eagle Hills Reserve. They are Grizzly Bears Head, Lean Man or Kawacatoose, Mosquito, and Red Pheasant. Though they claim Grizzly Bears Head, Lean Man, and Mosquito are the same Reserve, if Red Pheasant Reserve is connected to them, then why don't they classify it as a part of Grizzly Bears Head, Lean Man, and Mosquito Reserve? Eagle Hills Reserve covers 85 sq. mi. or 54,400 acres or 220 sq. km. or 22,000 hectares. The 2011 population of Eagle Hills Reservation is 1,146.

Many of the citizens of Eagle Hills Reservation can trace their roots back to Montana. After the 1876-1877 War in Montana, 10,000s of Saulteaux Chippewa's from Montana, fled up to the Cypress Hills of Alberta and Saskatchewan and were probably set aside a large Cypress Hills Reserve but Canada refused to honor treaty. They forced the Saulteaux Chippewa's living at the Cypress Hills Reservation, to relocate to southeastern Saskatchewan where the large Fishing Lakes Reservation was created. Those Saulteaux Chippewa's who refused, migrated up to the Jackfish Lake region and North Battleford region of Saskatchewan and fought the 1885 Northwest Rebellion. They were led by chief Big Bear. After the 1885 war, they settled down on several Reserves in the Jackfish Lake-North Battleford region.

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