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Flathead Reservation

Below is a map of Flathead Reservation and links to google earth photos of Turtle Lake. There are also old newspaper articles below to help you invesitgate. First news article is from a Friday August 1, 1902 edition of The Kalispell Bee. It tells you that chief Rocky Boy and his Ojibway Subjects were heading to Saint Mary's Lake. They stopped in Helena to show Montana's Governer confirmation and to request for food. Their food request was supposedly declined. In late 1903, chief Rocky Boy also sent Ojibway Settlers to Blackfeet Reservation then went to Great Falls where he is from. Only July 16, 1855 Jocko Reservation (aka Flathead Reservation) was set aside. It has a land area of 1,240,320 acres or 1,938 sq. mi. or 5,019.4 sq. km. Also included within same July 16, 1855 Treaty, was another Reservation supposedly located in Bitterroot Valley. According to historians, American leaders included a deception in July 16, 1855's Hellgate Treaty, that if the President so thought Bitterroot Valley Reservation was unacceptable, it would be withdrawn or placed in public domain. That information indicates "Fraud." Ojibway and Salish leaders would not have signed July 16, 1855's Hellgate Treaty, if they knew Bitterroot Valley Reservation, in all probability, would be taken from them. What is now Flathead Reservation, was not colonized by Ojibway's and Salish People, until after 1872. They supposedly lived in Bitterroot Valley Reservation. So what does that mean? They did not live within a Bitterroot Valley Reservation! They lived elsewhere. Chief Rocky Boy was set aside a compact form Reservation within Flathead Reservation which means there's a large area within Flathead Reservation that is predominantly Indian. Chief Rocky Boy was set aside his compact form Reservation within Flathead Reservation, on January 8, 1904 with Senator Gibson's help. Historians suggest otherwise yet we have been warned not to trust whites. Leaders of Flathead Reservation know about chief Rocky Boy yet ignore him. They know he was set aside a compact form Reservation within Flathead Reservation.

It means there's a large area within Flathead Reservation that is predominantly Indian. Chief Rocky Boy knew American leaders were going to open Flathead Reservation to white settlement and took action. He sought support from affluent whites including Senator Dixon, Senator Gibson and others. Historians suggest otherwise yet we have been warned not to trust whites. American leaders were not going to allot prime agriculture land to Ojibway's and Salish People. Mission Valley and Jocko (Arlee) Valley, have excellant agriculture land. Thus, why chief Rocky Boy negotiated an agreement with American leaders to save a large portion of Flathead Reservation in compact form. American leaders did allot land to Ojibway's and Salish People. What was left or Surplus Land, was opened to white settlement. Even now many people think Flathead Reservation is a former Reservation. However, we know about chief Rocky Boy. Leaders of FR and citizens of FR, must follow chief Rocky Boy. It's mandatory! Why? There's a compact form Reservation FR citizens don't know about!

Land acts of February 8, 1887, February 28, 1891 and April 23, 1904 allotted 226,633 acres to Ojibway's and Salish People. Also on April 23, 1904, 2,524.70 acres was set aside for Tribal uses and 6,774.92 acres were set aside for Agency purposes. On May 23, 1908, 18,521.35 acres was set aside for a Reserve for bison. It's known as National Bison Range. Ojibway and Salish leaders probably demanded that land be set aside for buffalo. On April 12, 1910, 45,714 acres was set aside for Reservoir sites. In 1920, 124,795 acres was allotted to more Ojibway's and Salish People. Total area Reserved for chief Rocky Boy is 424,962.97 acres or 664.0 sq. mi. or 1,719.7 sq. km. Nearly 30% of FR was given to chief Rocky Boy. On May 22, 1909 Flathead Reservations surplus land was opened to white settlement. Ojibway and Salish land allotments were located in areas where land was undesirable. Wetlands, lands not suited to agriculture and forested areas or mountains. Senator Gibson and Senator Dixon, were instrumental in helping chief Rocky Boy. Senator Dixon continued supporting chief Rocky Boy up to 1909, when FR was opened to white settlement.

Citizens of Flathead Reservation don't know (their leaders know) about chief Rocky Boy. His Reservation is likely located from FR's extreme northeast, down west slopes of Mission Mountains to National Bison Range, then to Ravalli then follows mountains on Ravalli's east, to Arlee (aka Jocko) Valley. It then continues following same mountains to Jocko Valley's extreme south, to where same mountains go west to Highway 93. It then follows same highway to FR's south border. Chief Rocky Boy's Flathead Reservation (we will name it Saint Mary's Lake Ojibway and Salish Reservation) has a land area of around 600.0 sq. mi. or 1,554.0 sq. km. There is no way FR leaders can buy back their Reservation. And they know chief Rocky Boy took action long ago to save their Reservation. However, they ignore him. Citizens of FR must take action on their own. Their leaders are inclined not to.

Homes for Rocky Boy's Band.

A recent Washington dispatch says Senator Gibson has introduced the following bill, which has been referred to the committee on Indian affairs:

"Be it enacted by the senate and house of representatives of the United States of America in congress assembled, that the secretary of the interior be, and he is hereby authorized and directed, with the consent of the Indians of the Jocko ( Flathead) reservation, in the state of Montana, to be obtained in the usual manner, to set aside a tract of land in compact form within the boundaries of said reservation, sufficient in area to give not to exceed 40 acres each of arable land to such members, including men, women and children, of the migratory band of Indians now roaming in said state, and known as Rocky Boy's band, as shall, upon investigation, be satisfactorily shown to have been born in the United States, and who may desire to settle permanently upon said reservation: and there is hereby appropriated out of any money in the treasury not to exceed the sum of $8,800, or so much thereof as may be necessary, to pay the Indians of Flathead reservation at the rate of per acre for the lands relinquished and set apart for said migratory Indians: and a further sum of $10,000 to be expended in assisting said Indians in making homes for themselves on said reservation, in all $18,800 to be immediately available."

Turtle Lake Road View

Turtle Lake Road View

Turtle Lake Road View

Turtle Lake Road View

Turtle Lake Road View

Turtle Lake Road View

Turtle Lake Road View

Turtle Lake Road View

Demographics of Flathead Reservation

Land Area: Over 600 sq. mi. or over 1,554 sq. km. (remember chief Rocky Boy was set aside a compact form Reservation within Flathead Reservation!)

Population: 10,349 (7,042 Indian, 1,021 Mexican and 2,286 Mixed)


Donate to our cause! Money donated will be used to create a government for "Our Selected Land" and other private ventures including agriculture, ect. We are the "Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana." We have to follow chief Rocky Boy, if we are to follow prophesy!

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