Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

The Apocalypse

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Kaibab Indian Reservation

Not officially set aside until June 11, 1913, the Kaibab Reservation of northern Arizona has links to the Montana Chippewa's. After the new Chippewa Reservation was set aside within the Blackfeet Reservation in November of 1909, ogima (chief) Pennato led an exodus off the Chippewa Reservation located around Babb, Montana, in 1910-1911. Those Chippewa's who were captured were relocated to this Reservation which was initiated in 1907. The Indians who lived around the Kaibab Reservation in 1907 were not that numerous. They possibly numbered no more than 80 or 90. The Kaibab Reservation covers 121,000 acres or 189 sq. mi. The 2000 population was 196 (the actual population may be closer to 300 to 400) which means the number of Montana Chippewa's who settled down to live here were not many. Possibly only a few dozen people. There are three settlements located on the Kaibab Indian Reservation. The main one is located a little north of where N Pipe Springs Road branches off Highway 389. Around 21 of the settlements 25 or more housing units are located along 240 N Pipe Springs Road and 250 N. The other housing units are located just to the west. The next settlement which is a part of the community of Kaibab, is just under 2 miles to the north. South Kaibab has around 20 housing units. About 0.40 miles north is Kaibab. The small community of Kaibab has between 40 and 50 housing units. About a mile northwest of Kaibab is another small settlement. It is located within the Reservation but may be predominantly non Indian. To the north are several farms which require irrigation. There could be between 50 and 60 housing units there.

Photo of Pipe Springs

Photo of South Kaibab

Photo of Kaibab

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