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Klamath Indian Reservation

It has been violated by the government of the United States who broke treaty promises and eradicated the 1.8 million acre or 1,056,000 acre Reservation (there are two accounts of the size of the Klamath Nation) in 1954. The Reservation was set aside on October 14, 1864 and probably without the approval of the Chippewa's (Snake Indians or the Shoshone) who claimed the land by right of conquest. Since the land which was ceded borders the Stevens Treaties land cessions in Oregon and Washington, it indicates some sort of conspiracy surrounds this Reservation. The Montana Chippewa's through the work of the Paul family, Joseph Dussome, and other Montana Chippewa leaders, preserved for future Chippewa people that the Montana Chippewa's did not sign the October 17, 1855 Blackfeet Treaty which was the last of the Isaac Stevens Treaties. If the Montana Chippewa's did not sign the October 17, 1855 Blackfeet Treaty, they obviously did not sign any of the other Isaac Stevens Treaties.

I will refer to the Algonquian-Salishan-Wakashan Language Family and the Seven Fires Prophecy, to stress that the Chippewa's have lived in western North America for an extremely long time. They subjugated the native tribes of western North America and mixed their culture and language with the nations they subjugated. Since the Stevens Treaties were conducted in the 1850s, it can only indicate a conspiracy about the land involved in the October 14, 1864 treaty, has been hidden from Indian people. Probably because of a connection to the Isaac Stevens Treaties and also all California treaties.

Up to 1954, the Indians who lived within the borders of the Klamath Nation or Reservation, were doing very well economically and they were content to live in peace. White leaders who were full of greed and selfishness, had other more hostile intentions. They singled out the Klamath Nation as well as the Menominee Nation, and over 40 California Chippewa Rancherias, and the Grand Ronde and Siletz Nations of Oregon, to be terminated. The actions of the whites were cowardly (the Indians were defenseless) and not legitimate. Instead of negotiating an agreement with the leaders of the Klamath Nation, the United States instead eradicated the Klamath Nation without consulting with the leaders of the Klamath Nation. Thus, their actions were illegal.

After termination, the land which made up the Klamath Nation or Reservation, was stolen by the United States. The once prosperous citizens of the Klamath Nation became dependant of charity. The reason for the illegal actions of the United States were probably related to the Chippewa's and prophecy. The whites have no intentions of living alongside any Indian Nation. Their goal is to exterminate Indians. The whites have repeatedly told the world they want Indians to disappear or vanish. That is a warning to all non whites!

In 1986, after over 30 years of negotiating for a return to federal recognition, the United States restored federal recognition to the Klamath Nation but refused to return their land. At the current time the Klamath Nation has a mere 308 acres. A total of 9 people live on the 308 acres. Five are non Indian. However, the city of Chiloquin is a predominantly Klamath city. The 2010 population of Chiloquin is 734. Indians account for 49% of the city's population, while Mexicans account for 6%, and mixed bloods 9%. Below is a map of the Klamath Nation or Reservation. There is a list of google earth satellite photos of Chiloquin also.

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Chiloquin Road Close Up

Chiloquin Road Close Up

Chiloquin Road Close Up

Chiloquin Road Close Up

Chiloquin Road Close Up

Chiloquin Road Close Up

Chiloquin Road Close Up

Chiloquin Road Close Up

Chiloquin Road Close Up

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