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Lac Courte Oreille Reservation

Located in northern Wisconsin, the lac courte oreille reservation is a land of forests and lakes. There are probably 8 (some claim as many as 18) Anishinabe settlements on the Reservation but i'm claiming 8 because i used google earth to carefully inspect the Reservations land. From what i can tell by using google earth, lac courte oreille may have as many as 8 locations scattered across the reservation which are either towns, CDP's, or very rural areas. In area, the Reservation covers 69,120 acres, or 108 sq. mi., or 27,972 hectares, or 279 sq. km. Much of the Reservation (27,834 acres) was lost to the whites after the Dawes Act took effect. However, most of the Lac Courte Oreille Reservation is in Anishinabe ownership.

Ogimak (leaders) of this group of Anishinabek signed three treaties with the United States. One in 1837, another in 1842, and another in 1854 which supposedly created this Reservation. In the early 1850s, many of the Anishinabek from the Odahwa Zagaigan (it's the name the Anishinabek call this Reservation), quickly fed up with the extremely corrupted Americans and probably joined the other Anishinabek from the western part of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and northern Wisconsin, to commence a diaspora towards the west. In response to the diaspora, the Americans probably used their military to halt the Anishinabe diaspora westward, in what is now the Sandy Lake region of Minnesota. American historians may claim otherwise but the Anishinabe people who are aware of the Seven Fires Prophecy know what the truth is. Several hundred Anishinabek died during the exodus westward. Those who managed to escape probably reached Canada. Those who were captured were forced to go back to their homes in Wisconsin.

Latest population counts for the Lac Courte Oreille Reservation puts the population of Odahwa Zagaigan at 2,900. Of that number, 708 are white. Thus, the reason for the exodus in the early 1850s. Anishinabe population at Odahwa Zagaigan is 2,179. Hispanic population is 44 with most being Mexican and Puerto Rican. There are 2 blacks and 4 mixed black and Indian as well at Odahwa Zagaigan. Average household size at Odahwa Zagaigan is 3.0. However, in the areas where Indians are the majority, average household size is probably closer to 4.0. Nearly all of Odahwa Zagaigan is covered by forests and lakes. Below are the Lac Courte Oreille towns or settlements.

Gurno Lake
Little Round Lake
New Post
North Chief Lake
North Woods Beach
South Chief Lake
Tropicana Road

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