Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Lac du Flambeau Reservation

Located in northeastern Wisconsin, not too far from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, is the Chippewa lac du flambeau reservation. It was established in 1854 with the signing of the 1854 Treaty of Lapointe. However, a couple of years before the 1854 treaty was signed, Anishinabe ogimak under ogima Buffalo's leadership probably, commenced a diaspora towards the west. It was the Seven Fires Prophecy which led Anishinabe ogimak (leaders) to agree to commence the westward diaspora.

Though the whites claim the event was over moving the Wisconsin Chippewa's to the Sandy Lake agency in Minnesota, we have the Seven Fires Prophecy which tells otherwise. Several thousand Anishinabek likely participated in the westward exodus to Minnesota then probably Canada. American soldiers probably halted the exodus but many Anishinabek obviously escaped to northern Minnesota then Canada. Those who were captured were forced to return to their homes in Wisconsin and the western part of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. As many as 500 Anishinabek or more, died during the exodus to the west which is known historically as the Sandy Lake Tragedy.

Those Anishinabek who continued to live at Lac du Flambeau, did sign the 1854 treaty and were left with a Reservation which covered around 75,000 acres. After the 1887 illicit Dawes Act was utilized, around 15,345 acres of the reservation was lost to the whites. However, the Lac du Flambeau Reservation is still very much a Reservation. It is almost entirely covered over by a forest and lakes. Many whites settled down to live on the Reservation after the land allotments were commenced. Thus, the reason for the large white population on this Wisconsin Chippewa Reservation and the Anishinabe exodus which occurred in the early 1850s. Average household size is 2.85. However, where the Indians are the majority the average household size is probably closer to 4.0. Further down on this page is a list of the Anishinabe settlements of the Lac du Flambeau Reservation of Wisconsin.

Total Population: 2,995
Indian: 1,778
White: 1,180
Black: 6
Asian: 9
Mixed: 22
Hispanic: 48 - Hispanic population is corrupted as usual. Mexicans are predominantly descended from the Native Americans who lived in the eastern part of the United States. The whites have forced them to lose their tribal identities.

Crawling Stone Lake
East Pokegama
Fence Lake
Gunlock Lake
Jerms Lake
Lac du Flambeau
Lucy Lake
West Flambeau Lake
West Pokegama

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