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L'Anse Reservation

Located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, near Keewenaw Bay, is L'Anse Reservation (aka Keeweenaw Reservation) which has been violated by American leaders. Below are google earth photos of their town of Zeba, a correct map of L'Anse Reservation and demographics of L'Anse Reservation which are not reliable. After War of 1812, a series of treaties followed in which Ojibway's ceded much of their land to whites. On September 30, 1854, a large group of Ojibway leaders from Michigan's Upper Peninsula, northern Wisconsin and northeastern Minnesota reached a treaty agreement with Americans in which they ceded a large area of land. It's known as September 30, 1854's La Pointe Treaty. It was really one of Isaac Stevens Treaties and involved Ojibway leaders of Montana who are the real Chippewa's of the Mississippi. Over a decade earlier or on October 4, 1842, Ojibway leaders supposedly ceded a large area of land in Michigan's Upper Peninsula (it's western half) and northern Wisconsin including where American leaders set aside Menominee Reservation per that October 4, 1842 Treaty known as La Pointe Treaty of 1842, treaty agreements. There are online websites telling of L'Anse Reservation covering around a third of Baraga County. That be 350 sq. mi. or more. Baraga County covers 1,069 sq. mi. or 2,768.7 sq. km. Per treaty agreements, 4 townships of land were set aside in 1854. That's 92,160 acres or 37,296 hectares. Supposedly they had problems with 1 township which led to loss of some of it's land. However, there are two parcells of land we must dispute or increase size of this L'Anse Reservation from 4 townships to 8 townships. A west Reservation was created for Vieux Desert Ojibways (Ontonagon), while an east Reservation was created for L'Anse Ojibway's. If you see a map of L'Anse Reservation, you'll quickly notice two parcells of land. One is west of Keeweenaw Bay, while another is east of Keeweenaw Bay. This L'Ance Reservation is east of Keeweenaw Bay and is around 144.0 sq. mi. or larger in size. It's terrain is mountainous or rugged. Ojibway leaders wanted land whites didn't. This location was ideal for an Ojibway Reservation to not only Ojibway leaders but also American leaders. If you read September 30, 1854's Treaty, they did not describe in correct detail, where L'Anse Reservation and Vieux Desert Reservation would be located. They included township locations which are not reliable. In 1920, they reported that Mackinac (it means Bear's Place) Agency which handled affairs of L'Anse and Ontonagon (Vieux) Reservations, reported that L'Anse Reservation had an Ojibway population of 1,093. They established Mackinac Agency in 1899 for L'Anse and Vieux Desert Ojibway's. They discontinued Mackinac Agency in 1927. Researches on how English leaders and Canadian leaders negotiated with Ojibway leaders about establishing Reservations, indicates agreements were reached in which all Ojibway's of a specific group of Ojibway People, were allotted land and that land allotted to them, became their Reservations. Ojibway leaders considered 1 mile to be 1 league which is three miles. Their Reservations are 3 times larger. It had to be in compact form and could not be sold per treaty agreements. Ojibway Reservations in the United States are larger because their population was larger. If land was farmland, allotments were much smaller. If land was desert, forested or wetlands, allotments were much larger. Allotment sizes ranged from 40 acres (16.2 hectares) to over 640 acres (259.0 hectares). American leaders did likewise. It's obvious. L'Anse Reservation is larger than they have reported. Below where Demographics of L'Anse Reservation and Ontonagon Reservation from 1920 are (their from Mackinac Agency), is information that can help you decipher this conspiracy. It's very corrupt! Look it over carefully. You'll notice two reports. Each is from 1920. Remember there are two Reservation with each containing 4 townships. Report below from 1920, is for L'Anse Reservation. Any lands set aside west of Huron Bay were for Vieux Ojibway's. L'Anse Reservation has two portions which means it's west portion has to be Vieux Desert Reservation or Ontonagan Reservation. If it is, it means Ontonagan Reservation has a land area of 144.0 sq. mi. or larger. Both were set aside 4 townships. Since American leaders were not honest about this L'Anse Reservation, we have to exclude September 30, 1854's Treaty, until an agreement is made that is favorable. We know it involves two Reservations. In fact, that is how L'Anse Reservation is depicted on maps. All unsold lands in Michigan in following townships. That is not helpful. It spells Deceit!

Demographics of L'Anse Reservation from 1920

Population: 1,093

Total # of Land Allotments to individual Ojibway's: 73

Total Land Allotments in Trust Land: 73

Total Land Allotments in Fee Land: 0

Total number of Ojibway's unallotted: 1,020 (this is where they are deceiving you)

Demographics of L'Anse Reservation from 1920

Total # of Land Allotments: 669

Allotted Land: 52,201 acres

Unallotted Land: 0 acres

Total Allotted Acres: 52,201 acres

669 x 80 acres = 53,520 acres

669 + 351 = 1,020 Unallotted Ojibway's

73 Allotted Ojibway's + 1,020 Unallotted Ojibway's = 1,093

1,093 x 80 acres = 87,440 acres

53,520 acres + 28,080 acres = 81,600 acres

87,440 acres x 3 = 262,320 acres

Land Area of L'Anse Reservation: 262,320 acres or 106,157.1 hectares or 409.9 sq. mi. or 1,061.6 sq. km.

Zeba Road Closeup

Zeba Road Closeup

Zeba Road Closeup

Zeba Road Closeup

Zeba Road Closeup

Zeba Road Closeup

Zeba Road Closeup

Zeba Road Closeup

Demographics of L'Anse Reservation

Land Area: 409.9 sq. mi. or 1,061.6 sq. km.

Population is 3,672

Indian: 896

White: 2,545

Black: 8

Asian: 17

Mixed: 205

Hispanic: 26 - Hispanic population is corrupted as usual. Mexicans are predominantly descended from Native Americans who lived in United States eastern portion. Whites have forced them to lose their tribal identities.

Language is Ojibway

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