The Apocalypse

World leaders must take action in case the anticipated Apocalypse which is the same event mentioned in the Seven Fires Prophecy, happens. The white boy is not going to man up. We know that as fact now. Prepare your citizens for any possible catastrophes that may happen in the near future. The Apocalypse may happen in a disorderly way, which means you must be very cautious. It may happen in a series of catastrophes instead of only one. We are going to find out if the Apocalypse is another white lie. Prepare your citizens for possible catastrophes.

Seven Fires Prophecy

What's this about? It's about the whites proving to their Native American brothers and sisters, that they are not their brothers and sisters. Read Seven Fires Prophecy. This is a message to a non white entity from the future. What they (white future earthlings) are doing to me is childlike. If they are going to stop my rise to power, than they must suffer the ultimate punishment. Do not let them live again. That is law. I didn't ask for this. They are enraged. I recently made a video titled Parkdale: Ghetto of Great Falls, Montana. Click Here To Watch Parkdale: Ghetto of Great Falls, Montana. It has increased the hate and rage of them whites. They are in retaliation mode. This must be taken very seriously by all non whites. It tells me white leaders want the event mentioned in Seven Fires Prophecy and Revelation, to happen. Non white leaders throughout the world must take action. We have been warned not to trust whites. Them whites will be deceptive.

Which one is the real Chemtrails





Crop Dusting or Insect Spraying





Everyone will tell you they are the chemtrails sprayed from jets. Your wrong. Below are links to youtube videos about chemtrails. The first list is about jet contrails or chemtrails. The other is about crop dusting. Read the Story of Atlantis. Now, the Stream from Heaven that comes pouring down like a Pestilence, is being launched by crop dusters. They know that by spraying food crops with poison, the food will absorb the poison. What you don't know is white future earthlings are fooling you. It is white future earthlings who are spraying chemtrails. Governments can try and shoot their planes down but they can't. They are powerless. It's important for non whites to build greenhouses and not use insecticides. Commence to build the greenhouses and harvest the food to give to non whites. Youtube videos of blacks fighting with each other on the streets is heartbreaking. They are being killed off and they rather fight with themselves. You need to protect Indians and blacks who are being played by the whites who don't want anything to do with them. Protect yourselves against the whites who have evil intentions.

Survival Mode

We must now commence Survival Mode. We have no choice. You must consider white leaders criminals. They, white leaders, can kill you off without you knowing it. Defend your people by using extreme defensive techniques. China must increase their military strength in and near non white nations including the Ark or Bow, that China is in and near now, to prepare non white nations for survival. China will bring non white nations to the future. It is crucial that China prepare them for the event mentioned in the Seven Fires Prophecy and Revelation. Be careful because we have been warned about the whites using trickery. You must now prepare them for survival. A message using the time machine, must be sent to the leaders of the Samnites of southern Italy. They are to force their way north and wait for a new religion known as Christianity. They are to force their way throughout Europe. Christianity will promote a deceptive belief. Samnite leaders must order their soldiers to defeat the white Romans. After defeating the white Romans, the Samnites are to round up the white Romans throughout the Roman Empire and exterminate them. They are also to round up other white nations in Europe and exterminate them. They can do whatever they like with Christianity and other religions. That be leave them alone. They know what their future foretells and allowing religions to influence them will do no good. However, they can take it out on religious leaders. Let Samnite leaders know reinforcements will arrive to eastern Europe within 600 years after they exterminate the white Romans. They will help them escape from the evil intentions of the whites. They are to be very cautious during that time. Once they commence to follow prophecy and migrate east to what is now Pakistan and India, let them know Ojibwa soldiers will force their way to eastern Europe to halt the whites. It will allow tens of millions of Indians living around the Mediterranean Region, to reach Pakistan and India. China will later intervene on behalf of the Indians of India and Pakistan. That will happen centuries after the migrations complete. Samnite leaders are also to send their soldiers to the interior of Africa. The whites will be up to no good in Africa. China will force their way to Africa to support the blacks in their struggle for survival to reach the future.

Cowardly Acts of the whites

Below is an excerpt from Andrew Blackbirds 1887 book History of the Ottawa and Chippewa Indians of Michigan. The white Coward launched a massive devastating plague warfare assault against the Ojibwa's and Ottawa's who lived in a very large village in the northwestern part of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan. There was probably between 50,000 and 100,000 Indians living in the village of Waganakeze when the white cowards launched the massive plague warfare assault. Nearly all were killed within a short time. The white coward got the weapon from their cowardly descendants.

However it was a notable fact that by this time the Ottawas were greatly reduced in numbers from what they were in former times, on account of the small-pox which they brought from Montreal during the French war with Great Britain. This small pox was sold to them shut up in a tin box, with the strict injunction not to open the box on their way homeward, but only when they should reach their country; and that this box contained something that would do them great good, and their people! The foolish people believed really there was something in the box supernatural, that would do them great good. Accordingly, after they reached home they opened the box; but behold there was another tin box inside, smaller. They took it out and opened the second box, and behold, still there was another box inside of the second box, smaller yet. So they kept on this way until they came to a very small box, which was not more than an inch long; and when they opened the last one they found nothing but mouldy particles in this last little box! They wondered very much what it was, and a great many closely inspected to try and find out what it meant. But alas, alas! pretty soon burst out a terrible sickness among them. The great Indian doctors themselves were taken sick and died. The tradition says that it was indeed awful and terrible. Everyone taken with it was sure to die. Lodge after lodge was totally vacated___nothing but the dead bodies lying here and there in their lodges___entire families being swept off with the ravages of this terrible disease. The whole coast of Arbor Croche, or Waw-gaw-naw-ke-zee, where there principle village was situated, on the west shore of the peninsula near the Straits, which is said to have been a continuous village some fifteen or sixteen miles long and extending from what is now called Cross Village to Seven-Mile Point (that is, seven miles from Little Traverse, now Harbor Springs), was entirely depopulated and laid waste.

Before the idiotic Ottawa's, who were really non Ojibwa's who were living in the Ojibwa village of Waganakezee yet were the majority of the villages population, were killed off by the massive plague warfare assault, they brought the white survivors of the Massacre at Mackinac to Montreal to help the whites. What they got in return is a disgrace to human civilization. Below is a google earth map of where the large Ojibwa village of Waganakezee was located. It extended from Cross Village to south of Harbor Springs. It may have extended a mile or a couple of miles inland. Blackbird wrote the village was 15 to 16 miles long. He didn't include the information about the correct length between Cross Village and Harbor Springs. It is over 20 miles between Cross Village and Harbor Springs, when including the coastline.

Lemhi Reservation

This Anishinabe Idaho Reservation has a very suspicious past. It was supposedly established in 1875 but that is probably another white lie. Something about this event resembles the circumstances surrounding the events which befell the Anishinabe people led by ogima Charlo who lived in the Bitterroot Valley and Big Hole Basin of Montana, which is about 40 miles to the north of the so called Lemhi Reservation. Ogima Charlo refused to leave the Bitterroot Valley and Big Hole Basin. The whites resorted to destroying the crops grown by the Anishinabe people living in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana, to force them to relocate to the Flathead Reservation in October of 1891. Though the Lemhi Valley is not as large as the Bitterroot Valley the whites wanted it. Supposedly the United States set aside a 160 sq. mi. (102,104 acres) Reservation in the Lemhi Valley in 1875. Then in 1907 they had a change of plans. Supposedly the United States demanded that the Anishinabe people of the Lemhi Valley must have their Reservation eradicated and that they must relocate to the Fort Hall Reservation. A complete outright lie.

Either the allotments brought on by the filthy 1887 Dawes Act was the culprit, or the United States had yet to reach a treaty with the Anishinabe people led by ogima Tendoy living in the Lemhi Valley. For all we know the Anishinabe people living in the Lemhi Valley in 1907, had yet to reach any treaty agreement with the United States about the filthy 1887 Dawes Act. Ogima Tendoy died on May 9, 1907, and then the Anishinabe people living there were forced to relocate to the Fort Hall Reservation one month after ogima Tendoy died. Though historians claim that 86 out of 137 adult Lemhi males voted for relocation to Fort Hall in 1905, that is a lie. I strongly suspect that the whites are covering up an event they don't want known of which occurred in the Idaho Lemhi Valley which strongly resembles the October 1891 Anishinabe forced relocation out of the Bitterroot Valley and Big Hole Basin of Montana. The Idaho Lemhi Valley is only a few miles south of the Montana Bitterroot Valley and Big Hole Basin, which means the two events, though years apart, are related.

October 1, 1863 Treaty of Ruby Creek

Of the two treaties mentioned on this page, it is this one which proves that the Lemhi Reservation did not exist. On October 1, 1863, representatives of the Anishinabe Nation, met with American representatives and an agreement was reached in which the United States recognized the boundaries of much of the western Anishinabe Nation. It extended from what is now the southwestern Montana and Idaho border, just south of the Big Hole Basin, all the way to southern Nevada, and much of eastern Oregon, parts of extreme northeastern California, as well as nearly all of western Idaho south of the Idaho panhandle, and also northwestern Utah west of the Great Salt Lake. Why is this treaty special? This treaty was made to establish a Reservation and present day Shoshone ogimak will not accept payments for not selling their land. In other words this treaty is still a legal binding treaty which is being honored by Indian ogimak but not the United States. The United States claims they took possession of this entire land area specified in this treaty known as the October 1, 1863 Treaty of Ruby Creek, without formal Anishinabe consent. That means a cover-up is in place. It is not the only treaty between the Anishinabe Nation and the United States, in which the United States claims they took possession of Anishinabe land without formal Anishinabe consent.

The very next day (October 2, 1863) representatives of the Anishinabe Nation, met with American representatives and an agreement was reached. It is known as the October 2, 1863 Old Crossing Treaty. These two treaties reached one day of each other, clearly proves the both are in fact the same treaty. The United States is still trying to eradicate this October 1, 1863 treaty by trying to coerce Indian ogimak into accepting money for agreeing to eradicate this Reservation. The so called Lemhi Reservation was entirely within this area the United States agreed to set aside for the Anishinabe Nation. That means it was the filthy 1887 Dawes Act which led to the 100s of Anishinabek living in the Lemhi Valley and probably the nearby Big Hole Basin, to pack their belongings and commence an exodus. They either had to do that or the evil United States warned them they would send their soldiers in to forcefully relocate them. The whites made it clear that they could leave on trains but the Anishinabek refused. They used their horses and probably fled westwards, into Nevada and California.

September 24, 1868 Virginia City, Montana Treaty

About the time the 1862-1868 Snake River War and Red Clouds War ended, a treaty agreement was reached on September 24, 1868 between the Anishinabe Nation and the United States. The treaty negotiations were held at Virginia City, Montana and an agreement was reached in which the United States recognized that the Anishinabe Nation owned land from the Yellowstone River to the Idaho Bitterroot Mountains. Supposedly a Reservation was set aside in the Idaho Lemhi Valley but that is not true. The treaty was never ratified by the United States. This September 24, 1868 treaty, is extremely important because it can be used to claim that a relationship existed between the Anishinabe people living in the Lemhi Valley, with the Anishinabe people living in the Bitterroot Valley and Big Hole Basin of Montana, which is about 11 miles (Big Hole Basin) and 42 miles (Bitterroot Valley) away. This September 24, 1868 treaty probably ended the Snake River War. Ogima Little Bear claimed that his father lived in southern Idaho, near the Snake River. Ogima Big Bear was an important Anishinabe military commander stationed in the Idaho region during the Snake River War. Ogima Big Bear and his son ogima Little Bear, were Anishinabe.

In August of 1867, the United States was allowed by friendly tribes (probably Bannacks or the Nez Perce) to construct Fort Ellis which is now Bozeman, Montana. Around the same time (1867) the United States established a trading post about 20 miles west of Great Falls. Historians may claim that Fort Shaw was an American military fort but that is a lie. It was a trading post. The Great Falls, Montana region was too dangerous at the time (1867) to have an American military fort established. However, the Bozeman, Montana region obviously had a population of non Algonquians who formed alliances with the United States. Their descendants now regret what their ancestors did. In 1841, the Salish people who were being subjugated by the Anishinabe people at the time, sent four of their men to meet with white Christian Missionaries in Iowa and also Missouri, to request that they send some of their missionaries to the Bitterroot Valley. They arrived in 1841 and established St. Mary's Mission. It is now Stevensville, Montana. The Salish people now regret what their ancestors did. The white Christian Missionaries did not travel to the Bitterroot Valley to preach Christianity to the Indians. They could care less for Indians. They traveled to the Bitterroot Valley to commence the white settlement of that part of Montana.

In 1841, the Bitterroot Valley was occupied by the Anishinabe people and their subjects who were Bannacks, Kootenai, Nez Perce, and Salish. The same can be said for the other mountain valleys located in southwestern Montana and the Lemhi Valley of Idaho. Supposedly the United States established a military fort at St. Mary's in 1850 but that is probably false unless the Bannacks, Kootenai, Nez Perce, and Salish formed an alliance with the whites. That is probable because the Anishinabe Nation subjugated those tribes and hopefully punished them in the most horrific manners imaginable. They knew what their future foretold. The 1868 treaty probably ended the Snake River War. This September 24, 1868 treaty, probably did not include Anishinabe ogimak but leaders from the Bannacks, Kootenai, Nez Perce, and Salish who were very willing to sign the agreement because, according to ogima Joseph (the famous Chief Joseph) the whites first came to Anishinabe ogimak demanding that they sell their land to them but they refused. Then the whites went to other Indian Nations telling their leaders if they paid them money they would sell Anishinabe land to them. The whites then returned to the Anishinabe ogimak and told them they had just bought their (Anishinabe) land and they had to give it to them. What ogima Joseph described is something you would forbid to be learned of. It makes you want to cry.

Of course, the whites went to leaders of other Indians Nations (the Bannacks, Kootenai, Nez Perce, and Salish) and told them that the United States wanted to sell them Anishinabe land. And, of course, the leaders of the Bannacks, Kootenai, Nez Perce, and Salish were most eager to buy Anishinabe land. They later on got knifed in the back by the evil United States. That land set aside for the Anishinabe people included the Bitterroot Valley, the Big Hole Basin, and the other mountain valleys in southwestern Montana. The United States did not ratify the treaty because they intended on stealing that land. Ogima Tendoy and ogima Charlo, went to their graves refusing to sign any treaty which ceded their land to the evil whites. That means that land is Anishinabe.

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