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Manis'tig Ojibway Reservation of Michigan

Back in 1836, Ojibway leaders in Montana and Michigan commenced negotiations about land cessions in what is now Michigan. Below is a map of Manis'tig Reservation which is genuine! There were 2 treaty's Ojibway leaders negotiated. March 28, 1836's Treaty and May 6, 1836's Treaty. On March 28, 1836 Ojibway leaders ceded Michigan's Lower Peninsula's western and northern portion and Michigan's Upper Peninsula's eastern portion was ceded as well. Per treaty agreements, Ojibway Reservations were created. They are Manis'tig (it means either Island Place or Little Island Place in Ojibway), Grand Traverse and Little Traverse Bay. Largest is Manis'tig or Manistee. There is evidence all of Michigan's Upper Peninsula was created to be an Ojibway Reservation. Before 1836's Treaty's were negotiated, Ojibway People of Michigan were following prophesy and leaving Michigan for western locations. American leaders did not want that to happen. They were concerned about future war with Ojibway People that migrated west and that's what happened.

The 3 Reservations created in Michigan's Lower Peninsula are actually 3 times larger. Ojibway leaders considered 1 mile to be 1 league or 3 miles. Manis'tig Reservation has a land area of 210,000 acres instead of 70,000 acres. Little Traverse Bay Reservation has a land area of 150,000 acres instead of 50,000 acres. Grand Traverse Reservation has a land area of 60,000 acres instead of 20,000 acres. American leaders used threats to try and stop Ojibway People from migrating west. They inserted the following Reservations will be held in common for a term of 5 years and no longer except by permission of the U.S. Ojibway People of Michigan kept migrating west yet not all of them. Many stayed and lived on their Reservations. What followed is Michigan's current non Federally Recognized Ojibway People. Since not all Ojibway People left Michigan, it signifies those Reservations are yet genuine! In 1848, American leaders refused to cooperate and illegally sold Manis'tig Reservation. Many Ojibway's from Manis'tig Reservation Relocated to Grand Traverse and Little Traverse Bay Reservations. The United States had just fought a war against Ojibway People in Mexico and Mexico. They were not content!

After Manis'tig Reservation was illegally sold, most Ojibway People continued to live throughout their Reservation. However, by 1855 they were forced to Relocate to Isabella Reservation. In 1855, 120,000 acres was allotted to 1,818 GTR and LTBR Ojibway's and others to their north in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, on July 31 of that year. On August 2, 1855, 98,395 acres was allotted to 1,943 Ojibway's of Isabella Reservation. At L'Anse and Ontonagan Reservations, 701 Ojibway's were allotted 54,602.35 acres. Of 4,462 Ojibway's allotted land, most may have originally lived at Manis'tig Reservation. American leaders had to do something about Manis'tig Reservations Ojibway's. Thus, they created new Reservations. Most important one being Isabella Reservation. However, what American leaders did was illegal which means Manis'tig Reservation yet exists or is genuine. They didn't bother negotiating with Ojibway leaders of Manis'tig Reservation. It's land is nearly all woodlands, as if American leaders are waiting for Ojibway's to return to their Manis'tig Reservation. Though the map is not this Reservations correct boundaries (no one knows what they are) it's in the location where this Reservation was set aside. However, it must be larger than depicted!

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