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Rainy Lake Reserve

Chief Yellow Quill and his sub-chiefs, were determined to reach an agreeable treaty with Canada, after chief Yellow Quill stationed Ojibway Soldiers near Portage la Prairie to prevent whites from Red River Colony led by Louis Riel, from expanding west. Below is a map of Rainy Lake Ojibway Reserve. Both parties agreed to treaty negotiations. Chief Yellow Quill wanted large Ojibway Reserves set aside in exchange for allowing Red River Colony to become Manitoba. Treaty 1 and Treaty 2 are bogus. After told they were left with very small Reserves, Ojibway leaders rejected Canada's offer. A new treaty was then agreed upon. That treaty is Treaty 3. Canada agreed to set aside two large Ojibway Reserves in Manitoba and Ontario, in exchange for ceding Ojibway land in southern Manitoba. The two large Ojibway Reserves were mostly located in Ontario. There could be evidence Riding Mountains were also set aside to be an Ojibway Reserve. Rainy Lake Ojibway Reserve is a large Ojibway Reserve located in Ontario. After Treaty 3 was signed and ratified by both parties, many Ojibway People in south Manitoba, migrated to Rainy Lake Ojibway Reserve and Lake of the Woods Reserve and probably Riding Mountains Reserve which is located in southwest Manitoba. A few very small Ojibway Reserves were also set aside in extreme south Manitoba. Some Ojibway's from near Winnipeg, migrated to where Peguis and Fisher River Reserve is. They did not migrate to that location from Norway House. After Treaty 3 was ratified, whites living in south Manitoba led by Louis Riel, were content having south Manitoba become a part of Canada. It did not take Ojibway leaders long to find out they were lied to again by white leaders. Chief Yellow Quill and his sub-chiefs, led many of their Ojibway Subjects north and west as a result of white deceptions. However, we know from prophesy that Rainy Lake Ojibway Reserve is real and large, as is Lake of the Woods Reserve.

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