Enamiiad Dodim
Atheist Nation

Sikul Himatk, Arizona

It's a small village of Tohono O'odham Nation. It's located 5 miles northwest of Pisinemo Trading Post and 6.5 miles southeast of Maish Vaya. Below is a google earth map of Sikul Himatk. Sikul Himatk is an unorganized community. It's located 4 miles southeast from where N Tucson Ajo Highway and Indian Route 232 merge. Follow Indian Route 232 4 miles southeast to where Sikul Himatk is. It's a small settlement as nearly all Tohono O'odham Nation settlements are. There may be up to 10 housing units at Sikul Himatk. Population could be between 20 and 30. Below is a google earth satellite image of Sikul Himatk.

Google Earth Map of Sikul Himatk