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Read Story of Atlantis and learn about the Stream from Heaven that comes pouring down like a pestilence. Chemtrails are similar to spray from crop dusters. However, they are much longer and remain in air much longer because of their great height. They are sprayed from planes either from this era or far in the future, flying above at 10,000 feet or much higher. All forest fires are deliberately set by whites from this era or far in the future, to conceal the chemtrailing going on in the sky. Summer months have the most clear days. Winter months have many cloudy days. And they are obviously chemtrailing at night time. After forest fires are deliberately set, the smoke settles over towns. They make the sky look white. It is much more difficult to see the chemtrailing because of all the smoke. People online have been warning people about chemtrails for decades. They suspect chemtrails cause health problems. They advise people to wash after being outside and even to wash their close. Use of surgical masks is recommended as well. Drink detox tea. Chemtrails are causing global warming. Whites are indulging in Cowardice.

Premeditated Crimes

They don't give a dam and want their punishment to happen. Bill Gates is violating my computer again using updates. I can no longer make videos using movie maker. They won't let me use google earth. First I could not use media players than I couldn't use open office. Now I can't use movie maker. Though I can now use media players and open office, I can't use google earth and movie maker. I expect this to to go on for quite some time. These are premediated crimes which means it's very serious. This is a message to non white entities far in the future. I can't enforce law on my own in this time era which means you have to enforce law for me from the time era you live in which is about 1,000 or so years from this time era. They have to be punished severely for the premeditated crimes they have committed against me. Find everyone involved in the conspiracy to violate my computer. They have constantly refused to let me use a computer printer. I get their hint. First computer printer I bought was back about 20 or so years ago. One I have now, I can't use. Only way I can use it, is by doing extensive work on it. It's been that way for every printer I have bought for my computers. The whites are not behaving themselves. They have to be punished. I'm not even certain if Bill Gates is actually a part of the conspiracy to violate my computer. You will have to find those responsible for violating my computer. They have violated every computer I've owned. It has to stop. As for printers, I'll soon finish writing a book I'm writing now and write new books. And I know they will reject them which means they will commit premediated crimes against me again. Once they initiate their premeditated crimes against me over my book writings, you must lay complete waste against all book publishers, book stores including book stores online, families including their family trees and the owners of those book publishers and book stores. Genocide is involved and I will not tolerate Genocide. I will not tolerate premeditated crimes. Either they allow my books to be sold normally or they are severely punished by your soldiers.

Kill The Person That Wrote Revelation

If he/she was non white or a mixed blood, leave them alone. Find 1,000 whites and torture them to death in the most brutal and gruesome manners imaginable, if the person that wrote Revelation, was non white or a mixed blood. The new testament is foul or anti-Savior. It does not belong with the old testament. Whites don't want anything to do with a savior. That's why Revelation was written by baby killing cowardly white criminals from far in the future. I'm not stupid. It is a complete disgrace to have to deal with white leaders of this sick time era. They conspired in their cowardly labs to create new diseases to kill off non whites. That's what's going on now. They have murdered billions of Indians, blacks and other non whites using plague warfare, over the past 6,000 years. They got the weapons from their baby killing cowardly descendants. Ojibway authors from the 19th century, knew about what happned and wrote it down. Blackbird wrote about one incident during Pontiac's War in 1762 or 1763. Waganakizi was a large Ojibway village located in the Lower Peninsula of Michigan. It's population was from 50,000 to 100,000, in 1762 or 1763. Though most Odawa or Ottawa Ojibway's continued to live with Ojibway's, many were lured to white trade posts to trade. They became so numerous they sided with whites in wars against Ojibway's. They were used by whites to decimate the Indian population. Below are excerpts from Blackbirds book. In 1760, there were 20 to 60 million Indians living in North America, north of Mexico. Ojibway Soldiers were yet powerful enought to stop white invaders from advancing west. As a result of the plague warfare assaults, Pontiac and other Ojibway leaders, met with Cowardly English leaders and they agreed to end 1751-1763's Pontiac War. Proclamation of 1763, set a boundary between Ojibway lands and lands of the English and Italians. It extended from Quebec down to extreme north Florida. The Appalachian Mountains was the boundary. Actually, the boundary had changed little since 1700. Whites were numerous east of the Appalachian Mountains. During 1751-1763's Pontiac's War, white invaders did not advance as far west as they had planned. Ojibway Soldiers were subjugating them or preventing them from advancing west. The Cowardly English agreed to not advance west of the Appalachian Mountains. However, Ojibway leaders knew what their future foretold. They were waiting. On July 4, 1776 the Cowardly English declared their independence from Ojibway Rule. July 4 was an important date to them baby killing Cowardly English. On July 4, 1584 the Cowardly English sighted Cape Fear. Adjacent to the south was the Italian Colony. English, French and Italians were also established in far eastern Quebec and New Foundland. They had wanted to colonize early in the 16th century yet chief Sagima sent 10,000's of Ojibway Soldiers east to prevent establishments of white colonies. That forced the Cowardly Whites to lure Indians to trade posts to trade. They, thus, coerced them to fight for them. Below is confirmation on how the baby killing Cowardly Whites fooled the idiotic Ottawa Ojibway's. And white leaders of this sick time don't care. White leaders of this sick time era are a complete disgrace to humanity.

Protection From Vaccinations

We have to deal with these baby killing Cowardly Whites and their Cowardice. Last night May 27, 2021, a stray cat living under my trailer was nearly attacked by a loose dog. She had to climb a tree to escape. This has got to stop! You are to intervene to prevent this from escalating. White leaders are not cooperating. It's almost as if they are drastic to ruin this world. Non whites have to deal with idiotic English leaders and probably other white leaders, from the future. This is a message to non white entities from far in the future about the predicament white leaders of this time, that have generated using their media. I know from prophesy, non whites are not to trust whites. English leaders and probably leaders of other white nations, are a complete disgrace to humanity. They do not want to do what they are doing now during this time. It's the wrong time for doing so. Non white leaders of non white nations, are educated and know about seven fires prophesy. Non white leaders of non white nations, are to consider white leaders a threat to humanity. You must make certain those vaccinations are safe. Intensify war against English leaders and other non white leaders allied with them, far in the future. They are responsible for what's going on now. What's going on now is a failure to cooperate. It must be brought to normal. They are not fooling me nor anyone else that knows what's going on. I know they are very angry at me. They broke my arm on Monday May 10, 2021. I had to have surgery on my arm on Thursday May 13, 2021. Increase the number of non white soldiers and their families in England. The English are going to cooperate and stop doing what they are doing. To use Cowardly Plague War is degradation. What is their fuckin' problem? They are trying to fool this world during a time when this world can't be fooled. My website is bothering them. My Facebook pages are also bothering them. Intensify policing Facebook. Instead of your detectives and your police, your soldiers must do the detecting and policing. Facebook is insulting me. They won't let me upload videos to the main page where most people use facebook. They just changed their rules recently. They are becoming increasingly difficult to deal with. Today June 19, 2021 I tried placing a new video in a playlist on one of my Facebook pages and they won't allow it. I placed it in a playlist on another of my Facebook pages and it worked. Today Thursday June 24, 2021 Facebook won't allow me to place videos in playlists on my other Facebook pages. You have to enforce law. Punish Them. I'm enforcing law using time travel. I have no choice because of their criminal activity. They are the scum of the earth. They are premeditated crimes. It means it is very serious. I am trying to find out how to place my new video in the playlist and it is only making me angrier. All the videos about white police officers killing blacks and other non whites, is obviously effecting how Facebook functions. Making Facebook difficult to deal with is a temporary solution yet not allowing those violent videos to be uploaded is an answer yet I suspect Facebook can't stop them. My Facebook pages do not receive much traffic. However, what they are doing to me is a premeditated crime. When I charge Facebook with cowardice and desertion during time of war, their punishment is no afterlife. My websites and my Facebook pages, must be allowed. This predicament forced upon most of earth, has to be dealt with. That means, the future must intervene to stop the evil intentions of whites. Yes, whites are at work in their laboratories as usual. You already know where they function. You know what they bring in and you know what they bring out. They have to be stopped. I pity white leaders. They think what's going on now is a game. Genocide is not a game. I can't do any work on my home or cut the grass, as a result of my brokem arm. I spent $100's to purchase supplies to work on my home yet can't do anything. I tried contacting the manager or owners of the trailer park I live in for help, yet they will not respond. I had to contact my doctor to have her contact them. They did respond to her and told her they didn't know anyone that could help me. I'm not stupid! I know they don't want anything to do with me. Trying to contact pharmacies for medications is a nightmare. My entire life is a premeditated crime. I didn't ask for this. They are not behaving themselves. They have to be policed. The Great Falls, Montana Police Department also has to be policed. That's how bad they are.

Standing Rock Reservation

One of several Reservations in North Dakota, Standing Rock Reservation is a violated Ojibway Reservation that's adjacent to Cheyenne River Reservation. Below are maps of this Reservation, links to google earth photos of Fort Yates and Demographics of Standing Rock Reservation. Much of Standing Rock Reservation is located in South Dakota. Ojibway People lving there, no longer know who they are. They've been brainwashed. Origins of their "Sioux" name is where Sault (it's pronounced identical to Sioux) Ste. Marie, Michigan is. They commenced to calling Ojibway's that lived at and near Sault Ste. Marie, "Sioux" long ago. Eventually they commenced to calling them "Sault'teaux (it's supposedly pronounced as so-to yet it's corrupted or should be pronounced as soot-to), to cover-up their deception. These Ojibway's of South Dakota are a lost cause. They don't know about Seven Fires Prophesy nor would they follow Seven Fires Prophesy if they knew about it. They also don't know about their Dakota name origins. It's from an Ojibway word for "alliance." It's "Wi-do-ko-da-di-win." Standing Rock Reservation was originally a part of Great Sioux Reservation which was set aside on April 29, 1868. On September 26, 1876, Great Sioux Reservation was probably reduced in size. However, much land was retained. Cheyenne River and Standing Rock Reservation, was extensive. So was Pine Ridge and Rosebud Reservation. Grand River was boundary between Cheyenne River Reservation and Standing Rock Reservation. Below is a map of Cheyenne River and Standing Rock Reservation from 1883.

Supposedly Great Sioux Reservation was not reduced in size until March 2, 1889. However, the 1883 map is proof of Great Sioux Reservation being reduced in size in 1876. Historians are fooling you about 1876-1877's War. Great Sioux Reservation was extensive. Cheyenne River and Standing Rock Reservation, retain their original boundaries from 1876. Grand River is Cheyenne River Reservations north boundary. Chief Rocky Boy was possibly elected highest ranking Ojibway leader in 1902. He agreed to accept land allotments which could not be sold. He also agreed to allow Surplus Land to be opened to white settlement. Standing Rock Reservations west was considered Surplus Land and opened to white settlement. Land acts followed!

1868: On April 29, Great Sioux Reservation was set aside
1876: On September 26, Great Sioux Reservation is reduced to Cheyenne River/Standing Rock, Crow Creek/Lower Brule and Pine Ridge/Rosebud Reservations
1889: On March 2, they officially announced creations of Cheyenne River/Standing Rock, Crow Creek/Lower Brule and Pine Ridge/Rosebud Reservations
1896: On February 20, an act amended March 2, 1889's Treaty and added hidden details possibly related to Montana Ojibway Deportations of 1896
1907: On March 1, Land Act allotted 1,388,612 acres to 4,717 Ojibway's
1908: On May 29, more land allotments followed
1909: On August 19, President Tafts Proclamation opened 1,061,500 acres (it was considered Surplus Land) to white settlement
1913: On February 14, more land allotments followed (many of chief Rocky Boy's Ojibway Subjects were allotted land)
1915: On March 15, remainder of Surplus Land opened to white settlement

Chief Rocky Boy tried to prevent Deportations yet couldn't. At St. Peter's Mission (it's located about 30 miles southwest of Great Falls), a fire destroyed much of the mission including Stone Boys (as in Rocky Boys) School. Swan Valley Massacre happened in 1908. In 1909, they conspired to close Fort Shaw Industrial Indian School. Fort Shaw is located about 15 to 20 miles north of St. Peters Mission. In November 1909, Deportations started at Helena. Chief Rocky Boy was given a Reservation within Blackfeet Reservation. Many of his Ojibway Subjects were Deported to South Dakota including Cheyenne River Reservation and Standing Rock Reservation. American leaders refused to honor agreements they reached with chief Rocky Boy pertaining to land allotments. That's why much of Standing Rock Reservation is owned by whites. Since evidence indicates no Surplus Land at Cheyenne River Reservation was involved, we must follow original treaty agreements from September 26, 1876 and also from March 2, 1889. It means Grand River is boundary between Cheyenne River Reservation and Standing Rock Reservation. Those old maps confirm that both Cheyenne River Reservation and Standing Rock Reservation, were created on September 26, 1876.

Fort Yates is located on "Fee Land" which means it's subject to city, county and State taxes. Population of Fort Yates is 2,489. That's according to 2010's census. Population is also from Fort Yates zip code which covers 176.1 sq. mi. Ojibway's account for 92.8% of the population. McLaughlin is also located on "Fee Land." It's located in South Dakota. It's also located on "Fee Land." McLaughlin has a population of 663. Ojibway's account for 65.3% of the population of McLaughlin. Other communities include Bullhead, Cannon Ball, Kenel, Little Eagle, Porcupine, Selfridge, Solen and Wakpala. During 1876-1877's War in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, chief Sitting Bull joined with Chief Big Bear and chief Rocky Boy and fled to Canada. They settled around the Cyprus Hills which are 150 miles or 241 kilometers northeast of Great Falls, Montana. Chief Sitting Bull was living at or near Great Falls in the 1870's. Among the 10,000's of Ojibway's that fled to Canada, about 5,000 were led by chief Sitting Bull. Most were led by chief Big Bear. Chief Sitting Bull returned to his native Montana on July 17, 1881. American leaders were strict with chief Sitting Bull. They refused to allow him and his Ojibway Subjects to live in their native Montana. They were forced to relocate to Standing Rock Reservation. It's obvious that chief Rocky Boy has relations at Standing Rock Reservation. Many of chief Rocky Boy's relations live at Rocky Boy Reservation. Standing Rock is a well known surname at Rocky Boy Reservation.

Fort Yates Satellite Image

Fort Yates Road View

Fort Yates Road View

Fort Yates Road View

Fort Yates Road View

Fort Yates Road View

Fort Yates Road View

Fort Yates Road View

Fort Yates Road View

Fort Yates Road View

Fort Yates Road View

Demographics of Standing Rock Reservation

Land Area: 2,169.7 sq. mi. or over 5,619.5 sq. km.

Population: 8,203 (Corson County, South Dakota and Sioux County, North Dakota - whites account for near 25% of population)

Language: Corrupted


Donate to our cause! Money donated will be used to create a government for "Our Selected Land" and other private ventures including agriculture, ect. We are the "Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana." We have to follow chief Rocky Boy, if we are to follow prophesy!

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