Enamiiad Dodim
Atheist Nation

Tonoka Valley, Arizona

It's a small village of Tohono O'odham Nation. It's located 16.0 miles southeast of Why, Arizona which is partially located on Papago Reservation and 8.4 miles northwest of Pia Oik. Below is a google earth map of Tonoka Valley. Tonoka is not an incorporated community. I'm not certain if this settlement actually has a name. That area is known as Tonoka Valley. There are around 60 or so housing units in Tonoka. Population of Tonoka could be between 150 and 200. Mt. Ajo, which has an elevation of 4,808 feet above sea level, is 8.0 miles southwest of Tonoka. Housing units are scattered over a rather large area which gives Tonoka an appearance of a rural community.

Google Earth Map of Tonoka