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White Earth Reservation

Historians do not hesitate to write that White Earth Reservation was created to relocate all Minnesota Ojibway's to. White Earth Reservation is one of chief Rocky Boy's many Reservations and Reserves. Below are maps and links to google earth photos of one of their communities. On March 19, 1867 what is now White Earth Reservation, was added to Leech Lake Reservation which included Red Lake Reservation. American leaders bought Hole in the Day to sign May 7, 1864's Treaty. It later cost him his life. He was paid $5,000 (about $165,000 in today's money) for losing his house in 1862's War, to sign May 7, 1864's Treaty. His house must have been very impressive. After Hole in the Day signed May 7, 1864's Treaty, he gave away his Reservation known as Gull Lake Reservation. However, he was set aside a half section of land or 320 acres or 129.5 hectares. March 19, 1867's Treaty was another important treaty to Hole in the Day. Per treaty agreements, Hole in the Day and to his heirs, received an annuity of $1,000 a year. It goes back to August 2, 1847's Treaty. Hole in the Day also signed February 22, 1855's Treaty and received a section of land or 640 acres or 259.0 hectares and Gull Lake Reservation. Hole in the Day did sign March 19, 1867's Treaty which added White Earth Reservation to Leech Lake Reservation. Hole in the Day had no business signing March 19, 1867's Treaty. Remember he gave his Gull Lake Reservation away? He was bought by American leaders!

Pillager Ojibway leaders, did not cede any of their Reservation created on May 7, 1864. That includes Red Lake Reservation. They (Pillager Ojibway leaders and American Representatives) signed treaty (they did not cancel it) on March 11, 1863. Later on October 2, 1863 Ojibway's from around Lower and Upper Red Lake, signed an adhesion to March 11, 1863's Treaty. Then on May 7, 1864 a Treaty to make March 11, 1863's Treaty official, was signed at Washington D.C. All that was necessary was to have President Lincoln ratify March 11, 1863's Treaty (aka May 7, 1864 Treaty). He did that on March 20, 1865. After Pillager Ojibway leaders that signed March 19, 1867's Treaty, heard they had been deceived, they became enraged and had Hole in the Day killed. They refused to recognize an altered March 19, 1867 Treaty. Pillager Ojibway leaders only accepted that a land addition was added to Leech Lake Reservation. Other land additions to Leech Lake Reservation happened. Only one is legitimate. It's March 18, 1879's land addition that was added to White Earth Reservations northwest and northeast portions. On July 20, 1889 American leaders forced Pillager leaders to cede 4 townships located in White Earth Reservations southwest. Not it's northeast. They wanted farmland and White Earth Reservations farmland is located west, especially it's southwest. From White Earth Reservations extreme southwest, to a location just north of Mahnomen, 4 townships of land was ceded. All other treaties pertaining to Leech Lake Reservation, Red Lake Reservation and White Earth Reservation are not legitimate.

American leaders allowed many people from Red River Colony to settle at White Earth Reservation. They caused much trouble at White Earth Reservation over land allotments. It was reported in 1920 that White Earth Reservations population was 6,942. Full bloods made up 1,500 of the population, while those of predominantly Ojibway blood made 2,700 of the population and those of predominantly white blood made up 2,742 of the population. Before 1904, those of predominantly white blood possibly made up near half of White Earth Reservations population. That changed after the allotments of April 28, 1904! Full blood Ojibway's and Ojibway's of predominantly Ojibway blood, had to deal with crooked whites and mixed bloods using deceit to entice them to sell their land allotments. That is how whites gained control of much of White Earth Reservations land. On January 14, 1889, 428,401.05 acres were allotted to 5,152 White Earth Reservation Ojibway's. And 1,899.61 acres was Reserved for White Earth Reservations agency, schools, ect. On April 28, 1904, 244,585.43 acres was allotted to 2,794 Montana Ojibway's led by chief Rocky Boy. After allotments, White Earth Reservations Government was left owning 29,736 acres. White Earth Reservation was not opened to white settlement. The 672,986.48 acres allotted, continue to be under White Earth Reservation jurisdiction. There's a difference between "Trust Land Allotments and Fee Land Allotments." In the case of "Fee Land Allotments," they are subject to City, County, State and Federal taxes. Communities located on "Fee Land Allotments" are better off economically! Those located on "Trust Land Allotments", are far worse off economically!

There was no surplus land to open White Earth Reservation to white settlement. Land allotments sold to non Indians, are under White Earth Reservation jurisdiction because they were not part of surplus land to be opened to white settlement. However, White Earth Reservations Government does not actively govern that land. American leaders won't let them which is illegal. White Earth Reservation leaders can place all allotted land under Trust Land Status if they want to. If they did, the land would become non taxable. That's why American leaders will not let White Earth Reservations Govern land allotments. Most land allotments sold to non Indians were done fraudulently. Citizens of White Earth Reservation need to know more about their Reservation. They don't know it's all intact. They also don't know about chief Rocky Boy. On January 14, 1902 chief Rocky Boy sent letter to President Roosevelt telling him chief Rocky Boy was leader of landless Ojibway's in various locations in the United States in need of Reservations. They denied his request for new Ojibway Reservations yet accepted his proposal to allow his Ojibway Subjects to settle on unsurveyed land or unallotted Reservation land. That's what happened at White Earth Reservation in 1904!

Naytahwaush Road View

Naytahwaush Road View

Naytahwaush Road View

Naytahwaush Road View

Naytahwaush Road View

Naytahwaush Road View

Naytahwaush Road View

Naytahwaush Road View

Naytahwaush Road View

You have to follow prophesy which tells Ojibway People to find evidence along a trail, to understand that White Earth Reservation is one of chief Rocky Boy's many Reservations and Reserves. If you don't follow prophesy Kiss The Big Bad World Goodbye! To help you learn about chief Rocky Boy, included are old newspaper articles that are directly linked to prophesy! First one is an excerpt from a June 4, 1902 Butte Inter Mountain Newspaper Article:


When Squads Return From Idaho and
Northwestern Montana and Report
Indians Will Pull Down Their Houses
and Hit the Trail for New Homes
Far From the Slaughterhouse.

Anaconda. June 5. Since receiving word
from Washington that each of their num-
ber are entitled to 160 acres of land some-
where in this vast country, the band of
nomad Chippewas encamped near the city
of Anaconda have assumed an air of ac-
tivity to which they have been strangers
many long months.

The question which is now agitating
the members of the band is where they
shall settle down and till the soil, take up
the white man's burden and lose trace of
the noble aborigine.

The entire band is thoroughly imbued
with a desire to get away from their pres-
ent quarters and already Chief Rocky Boy
has dispatched runners to look over vari-
ous sections where they are to be allowed
to live.

No Suke, a half breed Chippewa, com-
monly known as "Jim" and who is a power
in the band is strongly in favor of the
band taking land in the vicinity of To-
bacco plains, or along St. Mary's river
in northwestern Montana.

The Best Place.

This Indian is familiar with the greater
portion of Idaho and Montana and of all
the country open for them to settle in he
considers that the most favorable.

However, there is some land in Idaho
that some favor and Indians are now ab-
sent looking over both strips. When they
return and report on the lands they have
seen the Chippewas will decide where
they want to go and will lose no time in-
striking their tepees and hitting the trail.

This will be good news to the residents
of Anaconda and vicinity and especially
to the ranchers living below in the Deer
Lodge valley.

To these ranchers the Indians have
proved a continual source of annoyance
because of their polluting the waters of
the creek with camp offal and the con-
sequent danger of disease.

Below is an excerpt from a December 4, 1902 The Minneapolis Jounal Newspaper Article, that details a relocation of Mille Lacs Ojibway's (they were really Montana Ojibway's led by chief Rocky Boy) to White Earth Reservation. Gull Lake is really located near Tenstrike. Twin Lakes may actually be Red Lake Reservation. It needs further research.


Gull Lake and Twin Lake Chippewas Have Foresworn All Labor and
Progress and Are Sadly Behind the Times: Mille Lacs Indians,
Soon to Be Moved, Will Have Allotments Near Them.

Special to The Journal.
White Earth Agency, Minn , Dec. 3
The fact that the Mille Lacs Indians are
to be removed to the White Earth Reser-
vation is likely to defer the opening of
the Reservation for some years to come.
They will want to take up their allotments
on the northeastern portion of the
Reservation in what are known as the
Twin Lakes and Gull Lakes settlements.

In 1930's, over 8,000 Ojibway's lived at White Earth Reservation. Since that time, this Reservations Ojibway population has steadily declined. White Earth Reservation has over 20 settlements or villages. Most of them are unincorporated locations with no given names to identify them being a community. Most are very small communities with 10 to 30 housing units. Many of their housing units are mobile homes or manufactured homes. Recognized WER communities include Ebro (CDP or census designated place), Elbow Lake (CDP), Naytahwaush (CDP), Pine Point (CDP), Rice Lake (CDP) and White Earth (CDP). However, there are many others. Nearly all are located on "Indian Trust Land." White Earth Reservation has a large white population because American leaders allowed fraudulent land transactions to happen or did not follow treaty agreements. They forced WER's Ojibway's to accept land allotments.

Demographics of White Earth Reservation

Covers 1,101 sq. mi. or 704,622.09 acres or 285,150.5 hectares or 2,851.5 sq. km.

Total Population: 9,562

Indian Population: 4,250

White: 4,482

Black: 15

Asian: 6

Mixed: 794

Hispanic: 99 - Hispanic population is corrupted as usual. Mexicans are predominantly descended from Native Americans who lived in eastern part of United States. Whites have forced them to lose their tribal identities.


Donate to our cause! Money donated will be used to create a government for "Our Selected Land" and other private ventures including agriculture, ect. We are the "Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana." We have to follow chief Rocky Boy, if we are to follow prophesy!

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