Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Winnebago-Omaha Reservation

It is not a Dakota Reservation. It is a Chippewa Reservation with a smaller Dakota population the whites have allowed the Dakota's to dominate. Read the Seven Fires Prophecy to learn why the whites have forced the Chippewa's to assimilate among the smaller Dakota population. The Omaha part of the Reservation was set aside on March 16, 1854. The Winnebago part of the Reservation was set aside on February 21, 1863, from the Omaha Reservation. The reason i have included the Omaha-Winnebago Reservation as a Chippewa Reservation, is because of the old Platte Chippewa-Ottawa-Potawatomi Reservation which is about 13 miles east of the Omaha-Winnebago Reservation, or 2 miles east of Onawa, Iowa. We are not stupid. The Platte Reservation covered over 5 million acres and extended down to northwestern Missouri where St. Joseph, Missouri is located. Of course, that means the Iowa-Sac Reservation is also a Chippewa Reservation. The Omaha-Winnebago Reservation covers 250,352 acres. The 2000 census of the Omaha-Winnebago Reservation was 2,504 (Omaha Reservation) including Hispanics and mixed bloods, and 1,541 (Winnebago Reservation) including Hispanics and mixed bloods. I have not included non Indians. The total population of the Omaha-Winnebago Reservation is 4,045. The Omaha Reservation has a larger non Indian population, while the Winnebago Reservation has a larger Indian population. The two Reservations are connected or the same Reservation. Below is a link to a map of the Omaha-Winnebago Reservation. To learn about the Dakota side of this Reservation, find the Dakota Reservation link.


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