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Birdtail Ojibway Reserve

It's located in extreme southwest Manitoba and southeast Saskatchewan. Below is a map of Birdtail Ojibway Reserve, links to google earth photos of Waywayseecappo and demographics of Birdtail Ojibway Reserve. In 1878, Birtle Agency managed these following Ojibway Districts: Birdtail Creek, Cote, Gamblers, Keeseekoose, Keeseekoowenin, Key, Oak Lake, Oak River, Pheasant Rump, Red Ears, Rolling River, Turtle Mountain, Valley River, Waywayseecappo and White Bear. However, we have to exclude Pheasant Rump, Red Ears and White Bear because they were originally within Qu'Appelle Ojibway Reserve. So were Cote, Keeseekoose and Key yet we can include them within Birdtail Agency Reserve. We will also exclude Oak Lake, Oak River and Turtle Mountain. There had to be a reason for adding them to Birtle Agency Reserve or Birdtail Agency Reserve and it's 1885's Northwest Rebellion. Ojibway leaders refused to cede Reserve land in 1878. Ojibway's from Qu'Appelle Ojibway Reserve supposedly did not participate in 1885's Northwest Rebellion. However, there's evidence indicating discontent within Qu'Appelle Ojibway Reserve. Chief Yellow Quill and chief Kinistin left Qu'Appelle Ojibway Reserve and migrated north to where their Reserves are now and further north to where Lac La Ronge, Montreal Lake and Peter Ballantyne are located. It's possible confirmation they did in fact participate in 1885's Northwest Rebellion. Cote, Keeseekoose and Key are related to chief Yellow Quills Ojibway's. Ojibway folks from Gamblers, helped settle Valley River or it was possibly Ojibway folks (a couple of families) from Valley River, settling where Gambler is now. Canada is concealing this large Ojibway Reserve by using one agency (Birtle Agency) as being the agency that managed several Reserves. It is one Reserve however. It took time to force Ojibway People living throughout the Riding Mountains, to relocate to their current locations and they were not happy about it! The Duck Mountains and Riding Mountains make up Birdtail Agency Ojibway Reserve. It's adjacent to Lake Manitoba Ojibway Reserve. In 1881, it was reported that Gambler, Sakimay and Waywayseecappo's population was 490, with 270 at Riding Mountains which means this Reserve is legitimate. However, it was a distinct Reserve not connected to Qu'Appelle Ojibway Reserve then. They reported that of Sakimay's 1881 population of 130, 55 were at Fort Walsh which means Montana Ojibway's are involved. They had yet to relocate to their Reserves in southeast Saskatchewan and southwest Manitoba. Those that had yet to settle on their Reserve numbered 325 in 1881. However, those 55 from Sakimay, did settle at this Reserve. At Waywayseecappo, they have a town named Birdtail.

Waywayseecappo Road Closeup

Waywayseecappo Road Closeup

Waywayseecappo Road Closeup

Waywayseecappo Road Closeup

Waywayseecappo Road Closeup

Waywayseecappo Road Closeup

Demographics of Birdtail Ojibway Reserve

Land Area: 3,000 sq. mi. or 7,770 sq. km. (estimate)

Population: 3,878

Language: Ojibway


Donate to our cause! Money donated will be used to create a government for "Our Selected Land" and other private ventures including agriculture, ect. We are the "Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana." We have to follow chief Rocky Boy, if we are to follow prophesy!

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