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Donate for a Rebirth of an Ojibway Nation by using PAYPAL! Goal is Survival or to unite all Ojibway Reservations and Reserves into one Government. Other goals include gaining State or Federal recognition for Ojibway People not recognized for following treaty agreements, using fundraising to create Government Agencies and an eventual Tax! Samuel Poe will represent until, if allowed, enough funds are available to create a Government. If possible, donate money monthly! Anywhere from $1 to over $100 a month!

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Ga Manis'tig Uia Reserve

This Ojibway Reserve is located in northwestern Ontario, adjacent to Fort William which is a white city. Below is a map of Ga Minis'tig Uia Reserve. In 1850, they signed Robinson Superior Treaty which set aside their Reserve. Ojibway leaders went into treaty negotiations expecting treaty agreements to be honored. English leaders thought otherwise. Ojibway leaders already knew what to expect from English leaders. As usual, Ojibway leaders presented to English negotiators that Ojibway leaders considered 1 mile to be 1 league which is 3 miles. It also meant 3 unique Ojibway leaders that were to be set aside a Reserve of their own. Then an Ojibway leader representing Ga Minis'tig Wiia Ojibway's, had a French surname which indicates fraud. During those times, only Ojibway leaders from Ojibway Nations Military and Police Totem, had authority to cede Ojibway land. Their surnames were always that of predators. 1850's Treaty is fraudulent! According to treaty text, a Reserve extending 2 miles or 6 miles from Fort William inland on Kaministiquia River's right bank, then extending 6 miles or 18 miles west, parallel to Lake Superiors shores, then extending 5 miles or 15 miles north, was set aside. This Reserve is 270 sq. mi. or 699.3 sq. km. Actually it's 810 sq. mi. or 2,072 sq. km. White leaders were fixated on setting aside Reserves that tended to be close to 1,000 sq. mi. or 2,590 sq. km. However, English leaders used deceit. They got it into their greedy selfish minds, that this Reserve has a land area of 22.5 sq. mi. or 58.3 sq. km. After authentic Ojibway leaders were told about English lies, they led many of their Ojibway Subjects west and north. As a result of fraud, we are expanding this Reserves land area to compensate what English leaders resorted to in 1850. They refused to negotiate with authentic Ojibway leaders and used deceit. Ga Mminis'tig Uia Ishkonigan is adjacent to Grand Portage Reservation which is located in Minnesota. In fact, GPR was set aside in 1850 also. Their leaders also signed 1850's Robinson Superior Treaty. They had no choice! They were located within a land area led by an unknown Ojibway Military Leader that held his district as all military leaders do. Those Ojibway leaders that signed for him, had their families killed and it continues.

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