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Creek Indians

Historians are adamant that the Florida and Oklahoma Creek Indians people originated back east, in the Georgia area. With the land hunger of the Americans in the late 1820s multiplying enormously, it led to the Americans supposedly demanding for the removal of all Native American Nations east of the Mississippi river, to a location west of the Mississippi river. That is fine with them but we have the Seven Fires Prophecy to deal with first. It was the Seven Fires Prophecy which led Anishinabe ogimak (leaders) to force their people to pack their belongings to leave for new lands towards the west. That location is present day Kansas-Oklahoma-Texas, and then Mexicio.

Starting in the early 17th century, Anishinabe ogimak from the Great Lakes region, ordered their military and police totem (the Chippewa's) to force their way south to defend Indian land against the white invaders and to force the native southern tribes to relocate to other locations if necessary. They early on invaded the islands in the Caribbean then South America. By the early 19th century, Anishinabe ogimak knew that the predictions in the Seven Fires Prophecy were coming true. It forced them to order their soldiers to forcefully relocate the native southern tribes to locations to the west. Most fled into Mexico but many stayed in Oklahoma and Texas, and others fled into Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah. Today, those southern tribes who lived in the southeastern United States, live primarily in northern Mexico, and Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah. They are known as Mexican Americans. They are very numerous. In fact, they number over 20 million. The whites forced them to lose their tribal identities.

Today, the Creek Tribe of Indians people of Oklahoma and Florida, and in the Mexican State of Coahuila where they live in the town of Nacimiento de los Negros with their black allies, continue to live. However, the whites have forced them to lose their tribal identities. They are a mixture of Anishinabe, other Indian tribes, and blacks and whites. Creek is derived from the word Cree which is derived from the Anishinabe word for woman which is kwe. They will not accept being Anishinabe. That is how brainwashed the whites have brainwashed them.

The Total Creek Population which includes Mascogee and Seminole

40,223 - Mascogee alone
5,495 - Mascogee and another tribe
21,652 - Mascogee and another race
3,940 - Mascogee and two other races

The Seminole Population

Florida - 3,100
Oklahoma - 9,000
Mexico - 1,000 including their black allies.
The Bahamas - ?

Total= 84,410

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