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Ojibway Indians of Florida

How, you may be asking, did Ojibway Indians of Florida get there? After the Ojibway defeated the Iroquois League in the first part of the devastating Beaver Wars (1667), they were driven by prophesy to invade towards the south, into what are now the States of Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. The whites refer to these southern Ojibways as Shawnee. We know the Shawnee are Chippewa. They speak Chippewa according to the 19th century book "History of the Ojebway Indians" by Ojibwa author Peter Jones. Miami People also speak Ojibway which means they are also Ojibway. We also know the Yuchi Tribe are really Ojibway. According to Bartram, the Yuchi either spoke a dialect of Shawnee or spoke Shawnee. So they (the Shawnee) are not a distinct tribe but were Ojibways who were in the south to defend theirs, and their fellow Indian tribes homelands, against the invading whites. A little after the War of 1812 ended, the whites pursued the fleeing Ojibways, their black allies and Indian allies, down into Florida. After the first Seminole War (1816-1819 - this is evidence) ended, the whites granted the Seminole a large Florida Reservation but a few years later stabbed them in the back, which led to the second Seminole War of 1835-1842. The 3rd Seminole War of 1855-1858 was fought, to relocate Seminole People to Michigan and Oklahoma. Most fled to Andros Island and South America. There were no Seminole Reservations in Florida after the 3rd Seminole War. New Seminole Reservations in Florida were created around 1907 or 1908.

Around 1819, the first Ojibways, their black allies and Indian allies, had constructed large boats to flee to the Bahamas (Andros Island) to escape from the whites. In Ojibway Language, they named Florida "Ma-um-mi." It means "Peninsula." Of course, they are Miami People. Warren wrote their name as "O-maum-eeg" which is incorrect! In Ojibway, they use either a "d" or a "t" to denote a persons role or a place they live at like a city or State or Nation. A "g" is used also yet less frequently. We have to include the "o" because it means "the" in Ojibway. So "O Ma-um-mid" means "The Peninsular" (noun) which means a person that lives on a peninsula. Warren named them "People who live on the Peninsula." Using "Peninsula People" is proper. To be precise it's "Ma-um-mi-yid." I'm reluctant to use a "g" because it's used for locatives in Ojibway Language! Is there any evidence any Miami Ojibway's lived in Florida or near Florida? Yes! On December 30, 1805 a Treaty was signed between Piankishaw Miami Ojibway's and the United States, in which land in extreme southern Georgia was negotiated. The towns of Baxley and Irwinville, Georgia are located within this land area. Baxley is 65.5 miles or 105.4 kilometers northwest of Florida. On January 3, 1818 (this happened during the 1st Seminole War) American leaders broke treaty. It led to large numbers of Ojibway's migrating to south Florida. American historians are not being honest! Below is a list of Ojibway People who presently live in Florida. They are Miccosukee and Seminole Peoples. They no longer know who they are! Black Seminoles have a 50 acre Reservation at Fort Pierce Reservation.

Big Cypress Reservation
Size: 82 sq. mi.
Population: It is 493 according to the 2010 census
Language: Ojibway

Brighton Reservation
Size: 36,000 acres or 36 sq. mi.
Population: It is 574 according to the 2010 census
Language: Ojibway

Fort Pierce Reservation (it is a black Seminole Reservation)
Size: 50 acres
Population: It is 45 according to the 2010 census
Language: Ojibway

Hollywood Reservation
Size: 497 acres
Population: It is 496 according to the 2010 census
Language: Ojibway

Immokalee Reservation
Size: ?
Population: It is 103 according to the 2010 census
Language: Ojibway

Miccosukee Reservation
Size: 128 sq. mi.
Population: It is included with Big Cypress Reservation
Language: Ojibway

Tampa Reservation
Size: ?
Population: ?
Language: Ojibway

Coconut Creek Trust Land

Seminole Trust Lands


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