Rocky Boy Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

Ojibway Indians of Indiana

The ancestors of the Anishinabe Indians of Indiana originally lived in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. After the white confederation and the Iroquois League, launched several military expeditions against the Anishinabek of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, in the 1650s and early 1660s, they met with defeat with each campaign. After they were stopped, the Anishinabe launched an invasion southwards, which took them to Indiana, and much further south. Today, they are several groups of Native Americans trying to gain Federal recognition in Indiana. They are the Anishinabe Indians of Indiana. The Miami Tribes, Potawatomi, and Shawnee are really Ojibwa Indians. According to Peter Jones, they all speak Chippewa. Read Jones 19th century book "History of the Ojebway Indians" to learn the truth.

Pokagon Potawatomi of Indiana

Eel River Tribe Inc. of Indiana

Miami Nation of Indians of the State of Indiana

Upper Kispoko Band of the Shawnee Nation

Wea Indian Tribe

Wea Indian Tribe of Indiana

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