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Ojibway Indians of Louisiana

What is now the State of Louisiana, was a strategically important location to the Ojibway Indians of Louisiana who battled the invading whites for well over 200 years in what is now the southeastern United States. Italy established a stronghold in the Texas and Florida region in the 17th and 18th centuries. Anishinabe leaders were well aware of the white invaders including those who invaded the region between Texas and Florida. They probably sent large numbers of Ojibwa soldiers to the region between Texas and Florida in the 16th century or early 17th century. They met other Indians who were fooled by the whites into fighting them. It enraged them something awful. Louisiana was an important location because of the Mississippi River. Ojibway Indians of Louisiana leaders knew the Mississippi needed to be patrolled. They reinforced Ojibway Soldiers, in northern and southern Louisiana, after the whites increased their military strength in that location. Control of the Mississippi River was crucial. White leaders very often fooled non Algonquin Indian Nations into accepting their lies. Those non Algonquin Indian Nations are no longer around. Today, the Ojibway Indians of Louisiana continue to live there but they have been brainwashed beyond repair. The Ojibway Indians of Louisiana are Kaskaskia Miami Ojibway's and Shawnee Ojibway's. According to Peter Jones, both the Miami and Shawnee speak Ojibway. Read Jones 19th century book "History of the Ojebway Indians" to learn the truth. We also know the Apache are Ojibwa. Read 1832's Edinburgh Encyclopedia. And Houma People are also Ojibway. They are State recognized. They are not Federally recognized. None of them will accept being Ojibway. They are lost causes!

Avoyel-Kaskaskia Tribe of Louisiana

Kispoko Sept of Ohio Shawnee


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